List of State and National Approved Recovery Plans

​​​​​​​The following Recovery Plans for listed threatened species have been made under the Tasmanian Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 and/or approved under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

The Recovery Plans are available as a print-friendly PDF or can be obtained as a hard copy from the Threatened Species Section (see contact at bottom of this page).

These plans remain in force until the species is removed from the legislation. Recovery plans are binding on the Tasmanian and Australian governments and the community.

Once a recovery plan is in place, Government agencies and the public sector must act in accordance with that plan.

List of Flora Recovery Plans

Recovery Plan Title
Species Scientific Name
Species Common Name

King Island Biodiversity Management Plan 

(adopted 10/09/2012 (TSPA))

Callitriche sonderi
Hedycarya angustifolia
Pimelea axiflora subsp. axiflora
matted waterstarwort
Australian mulberry
bootlace bush

Spyridium obcordatum Flora Recovery Plan

(adopted 19/01/2012 (EPBCA))


Spyridium obcordatumcreeping dustymiller

Threatened Tasmanian Ferns Flora Recovery Plan

(adopted 19/01/2012 (EPBCA))

Anogramma leptophylla
Asplenium hookerianum
Blechnum cartilagineum
Botrychium australe
Cheilanthes distans
Cyathea cunninghamii
Cyathea Xmarcescens
Doodia caudata
Hypolepis distans
Isoetes drummondii subsp. drummondii
Phylloglossum drummondii
Pilularia novae-hollandiae
Pneumatopteris pennigera
Tmesipteris parva
annual fern
maidenhair spleenwort
gristle fern
parsley fern
bristly rockfern
slender treefern
skirted treefern
small raspfern
scrambling groundfern
plain quillwort
pygmy clubmoss
australian pillwort
lime fern
small forkfern

Centrolepis pedderensis Flora Recovery Plan

(adopted 19/01/2012 (EPBCA))

Centrolepis pedderensispedder bristlewort

Barbarea australis Flora Recovery Plan

(adopted 19/01/2012 (EPBCA))

Barbarea australisnative wintercress
Eucalyptus ovata-Callitris oblonga Forest Recovery Plan Eucalyptus ovata-Callitris oblongablack gum/south esk pine

Threatened Tasmanian Forest Epacrids Recovery Plan

(adopted 19/01/2012 (EPBCA))


Epacris acuminata
Epacris apsleyensis
Epacris barbata
Epacris exserta
Epacris glabella
Epacris grandis
Epacris graniticola
Epacris limbata
Epacris moscaliana
Epacris virgata (Beaconsfield)
Epacris virgata (Kettering)
claspleaf heath
apsley heath
bearded heath
south esk heath
smooth heath
tall heath
granite heath
bordered heath
seepage heath
pretty heath
twiggy heath

Threatened Tasmanian Lowland Euphrasia Species Recovery Plan

(adopted 19/01/2012 (EPBCA)) 

E. phragmostoma
E. amphisysepala
E. sp. 'fabula'
E. gibbsiae ssp. psilantherea
E. gibbsiae ssp. kingii
E. fragosa
E. semipicta
E. semipicta
E. semipicta
E. semipicta
E. collina ssp. collina
E. collina ssp. diemenica
E. collina ssp. 'Northwest Tasmania'
E. collina ssp. tetragona
E. collina ssp. 'tasmanica'
E. collina ssp. gunnii v
E. collina ssp. deflexifolia
E. scabra

Phebalium daviesii Recovery Plan

(adopted 19/01/2012 (EPBCA))

Phebalium daviesiidavies' wax flower

Epacris stuartii Recovery Plan 1996-2005

(adopted 09/03/2001 (EPBCA))

Epacris stuartiistuart's heath

Tetratheca gunnii Recovery Plan 2001-2005

(adopted 09/03/2001 (EPBCA))

Tetratheca gunniishy susan

Threatened Tasmanian Orchids Recovery Plan

(adopted 18/8/2017 (EPBCA)

77 species (TSP Act)
40 ​species (EPBC Act)

Ranunculus prasinus Recovery Plan 2006-2010

(adopted 10/11/2006 (EPBCA))

Ranunculus prasinustunbridge buttercup

Lomatia tasmanica Recovery Plan 2006-2010

(adopted 10/11/2006 (EPBCA))

Lomatia tasmanicaking's lomatia

Eucalyptus morrisbyi Recovery Plan 2006-2010

(adopted 10/11/2006 (EPBCA))

Eucalyptus morrisbyi morrisby's gun

Tasmanian Alpine Karst Flora Recovery Plan 2006-2010

(adopted 10/11/2006 (EPBCA))

Oreoporanthera petalifera
Sagina diemensis
hill oreoporanthera

Tasmanian Threatened Grasstrees Recovery Plan 2060-2010

(adopted 10/11/2006 (EPBCA))

Xanthorrhoea arenaria
Xanthorrhoea bracteata
sand grasstree
shiny grasstree

    List of Fauna Recovery Plans

    Recovery Plan Title
    Species Scientific Name
    Species Common Name

    King Island Biodiversity Management Plan

    (adopted 10/09/2012 (TSPA))

    Acanthiza pusilla archibaldi
    Acanthornis magna greeniana
    Austrochoritis victoriae
    Platycercus caledonicus brownii
    King Island Brown Thornbill
    King Island Scrubtit
    Southern Hairy Red Snail
    King Island Green Rosella

    Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal and Southern Elephant Seal Recovery Plan 2004-2009

    (adopted 09/08/2004 (EPBCA))

    Arctocephalus tropicalis
    Mirounga leonine
    Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal
    Southern Elephant Seal

    Recovery Plan for Threatened Giant Albatrosses and Giant-petrels 2011-2016

    (adopted 25/05/2011 (EPBCA))

    Diomedea exulans
    Thalassarche melanophris
    Thalassarche cauta
    Thalassarche chrysostoma
    Phoebetria palpebrata
    Macronectes halli
    Macronectes giganteus
    Diomedea dabbenena
    Diomedea antipodensis
    Diomedea gibsoni
    Diomedea sanfordi
    Diomedea epomophora
    Diomedea amsterdamensis
    Phoebastria immutabilis
    Thalassarche impavida
    Thalassarche bulleri
    Thalassarche nov. sp.
    Thalassarche steadi
    Thalassarche salvini
    Thalassarche eremita
    Thalassarche chlororhynchos
    Thalassarche carteri
    Phoebetria fusca
    Wandering Albatross
    Black-browed Albatross
    Shy Albatross
    Grey-headed Albatross
    Light-mantled Albatross
    Northern Giant-Petrel
    Southern Giant-Petrel
    Tristan Albatross
    Antipodean Albatross
    Gibson's Albatross
    Northern Royal Albatross
    Southern Royal Albatross
    Amsterdam Albatross
    Laysan Albatross
    Campbell Albatross
    Buller's Albatross
    Pacific Albatross
    White-capped Albatross
    Salvin's Albatross
    Chatham Albatross
    Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross
    Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross
    Sooty Albatross

    Threatened Tasmanian Eagles Recovery Plan 2006-2010

    (adopted 16/04/2007 (EPBCA))

    Aquila audax fleayi
    Haliaeetus leucogaster
    Wedge-tailed Eagle
    White-bellied Sea-eagle

    Orange-bellied Parrot Recovery Pla​n 2016

    (adopted 2016 (EPBCA))

    Neophema chrysogasterOrange-bellied Parrot
    Ptunarra Brown Butterfly Recovery Plan 1998-2003 Oreixenica ptunarraPtunarra Brown Butterfly
    Pedra Branca Skink Recovery Plan 2001Niveoscincus palfreymaniPedra Branca Skink
    Swift Parrot Recovery Plan 2011Lathamus discolorSwift Parrot

    Burrowing Crayfish: Engaeus group Recovery Plan 2001-2005

    (adopted 14/04/2001 (EPBCA))

    Engaeus Orramakunna
    Engaeus Spinicaudatus
    Engaeus Yabbimunna
    Engaeus Martigener
    Burrowing Crayfish
    Forty-spotted Pardalote Recovery Plan 2006-2010Pardalotus quadragintusForty-spotted Pardalote
    Giant Freshwater Crayfish Recovery ​Plan 2017
    Astacopsis gouldiGiant Freshwater Crayfish or Giant Freshwater Lobster
    Tasmanian Galaxiidae Recovery Plan 2006-2010Galaxias pedderensis
    Galaxias fontanus
    Galaxias johnstoni
    Galaxias parvus
    Galaxias tanycephalus
    Galaxias auratus
    Paragalaxias mesotes
    Paragalaxias dissimilis
    Paragalaxias eleotroides
    Paragalaxias julianus
    Galaxiella pusilla
    Pedder galaxias
    Swan galaxias
    Clarence galaxias
    Swamp galaxias
    Saddled galaxias
    Golden galaxias
    Arthurs paragalaxias
    Shannon paragalaxias
    Great Lake paragalaxias
    Western paragalaxias
    Dwarf galaxias
    Spotted Handfish Recovery Plan 1999-2001Brachionichthys hirsutusSpotted Handfish


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