Caulerpa taxifolia

Caulerpa taxifoliaCaulerpa taxifolia has been widely used as a decorative plant in the marine aquarium trade. Caleurpa can tolerate low temperatures and survive out of water in moist conditions for up to 10 days.The invasive nature of Caleurpa has raised concerns as this fast-growing seaweed can invade cool temperate waters and therefore has the potential to grow rapidly in Tasmania.

Caulerpa has been found at depths ranging from less than one metre to 12 metres and is likely to have been introduced from a marine aquarium release and spread among estuaries by fishing and boating activities. Small fragments can get caught up in fishing gear, diving equipment and boats and then grow into new plants and create large colonies.

Caulerpa taxifolia diagram 

All images courtesy: Department of Primary Industries and Resources South Australia

Identification Guide - Includes: Key features; Likely impacts; Which native seaweeds look similar; Habitat; What you can do; and Further information.

Published by Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.
(Published in 2009)
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Aquarium Caulerpa

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