TWWHA Tourism Master Plan

​​​A draft Tourism Master Plan (TMP) for the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) has been prepared and was released for public comment between 19 March 2020 and 25 June 2020. The public submissions period has now concluded.


The TMP is a requirement of the TWWHA Management Plan 2016 and shares the overarching vision statement articulated in the Management Plan:

​To identify, protect, conserve, present and, if appropriate, to rehabilitate the World Heritage, National Heritage and other natural and cultural values of the TWWHA and to transmit that heritage to future generations in as good or better condition than at present. 

It then sets out four Strategic Principles to guide the presentation of the TWWHA. These are supplemented by Visitor Experience Statements for each management zone in the Management Plan. 

The draft TMP provides guidance and recommendations in the following key areas: 
  • potential opportunities
  • Aboriginal cultural values initiatives
  • strategic guidance
  • assessment policy guidelines and other initiatives

​Next Steps

After the public submission period a final TMP will be prepared. 

Feedback from the public submissions on the draft TMP will be considered in the preparation of the final TMP. Key issues raised through the public submissions will be summarised and released. Public submissions will be published.

Additional information

As requested by the World Heritage Centre, the draft TMP has also been provided by the Australian Government to the World Heritage Centre for review by the Advisory Bodies to the World Heritage Committee.

The TMP is a requirement of the TWWHA Management Plan 2016​. The TWWHA Management Plan 2016 identifies that the presentation of the TWWHA needs to be driven and supported by a coherent, strategic framework and this outcome is to be achieved through the TMP. The TMP will provide additional strategic guidance in achieving the balance between the provision of opportunities for diverse, high quality visitor experiences in this globally recognised area; and the protection of its values.

The TMP will be a subsidiary plan to the Management Plan. Its recommendations and policy guidance must be consistent with the planning and management framework provided by the statutory Management Plan.


Consultation and Engagement

Significant stakeholder and public engagement was undertaken to inform the development of the draft TMP.

Community and stakeholder engagement sessions were held across the state in 2019 as part of the consultation for the draft TMP. We appreciate all those who attended and made constructive contributions. A specific engagement process for the Tasmanian Aboriginal community was also implemented.

An important step in the development of the draft TMP was the release of the 'Towards the Tourism Master Plan' paper, in December 2019. 

The 'Towards the Tourism Master Plan' paper provides the background analysis and evidence that enables the policy directions and tourism opportunities identified in the draft TMP to be understood without needing to include that content in the TMP itself.


TWWHA Tourism Master Plan Project
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