TWWHA Tourism Master Plan

​​​​​​A Tourism Master Plan (TMP) for the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) is being drafted. This work will provide additional strategic guidance in achieving the balance between the provision of opportunities for diverse, high quality visitor experiences in this globally recognised area; and the protection of its values.

A document detailing how the plan will progress is available now:​


What the plan will cover

The TWWHA Management Plan 2016 identifies that the presentation of the TWWHA needs to be driven and supported by a coherent, strategic framework and this outcome is to be achieved through the TMP. The development of the TMP is to be undertaken in consultation with the Tasmanian Aboriginal people. Key stakeholders such as the tourism industry will also be consulted. 

The management plan sets out a number of elements that will be considered in the development of the TMP. These include;
  • protection of natural and cultural values
  • development of a coherent marketing strategy for the TWWHA that integrates promotion of the area and its values with other state-wide and regional strategies
  • examination of current and future visitor expectations, including demand analysis
  • Aboriginal cultural presentation
  • natural values presentation and conservation partnerships
  • historic heritage
  • prioritisation of investment in facilities and experiences
  • social inclusion
  • sustainable use
  • interpretation
  • commercial opportunities
  • opportunities for management support through tourism
  • strategic data collection and analysis
  • access
  • staff and operator training and accreditation
  • recreation opportunities and a recreation demand analysis
  • strategic partnerships

As requested by the World Heritage Centre, the draft TMP will be provided by the Australian Government to the World Heritage Centre for review by the Advisory Bodies (IUCN and ICOMOS).


Consultation and Engagement

Significant stakeholder and public engagement has been undertaken to inform the development of the TMP.

Community and stakeholder engagement sessions were held across the state in May and in July as part of the first round of consultation for the TMP.​ We appreciate all those who attended and made constructive contributions.

An important step in the development of the draft Tourism Master Plan (TMP) has been the preparation of a 'Towards the Tourism Master Plan' paper. The paper establishes the purpose of the TMP, presents a tourism and visitation situational analysis for the TWWHA, explains key issues and identifies how the TMP might address those issues, and presents a series of strategic principles to guide the policy directions that will be articulated in the TMP.

The 'Towards the Tourism Master Plan' paper provides the background analysis and evidence that will enable the policy directions and tourism opportunities identified in the draft TMP to be understood without needing to include that content in the TMP itself. It will therefore allow the TMP to be a concise, strategic document.

Public consultation and input has been a critical component in the project. Further formal consultation will occur with the release of the draft TMP. The draft TMP will be released for a six week public comment period in March 2020. By providing the background analysis, the 'Towards the Tourism Master Plan' paper will assist individuals and organisations with the preparation of their submissions.
A submissions report will be prepared detailing the content of public submissions on the draft master plan.

Additional information

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy


For enquiries on the project please contact us on the email below. 


TWWHA Tourism Master Plan Project
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