Climate Change and Geodiversity in the TWWHA

Climate change has the potential to impact on Tasmania's geodiversity (geological, geomorphological and soil features and processes). As part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) research program, the potential impact of climate change on Tasmania's geodiversity in the TWWHA has been investigated. The work, conducted by consultant Chris Sharples in partnership with the Geodiversity Section of DPIPWE concluded that some degree of pervasive impacts or changes to geodiversity in the TWWHA is likely to occur, albeit of widely varying magnitudes. Further, it is in general unlikely to be beneficial (in terms of the TWWHA management objectives) to attempt to prevent or significantly mitigate those impacts because of the large scale of the driving processes, the likely huge expense of the "geo-engineering" that would be required, and in particular the probability that such interventions would compromise other natural TWWHA processes and values.

The findings of the work are summarised in an overview document and the full report has been published as a Nature Conservation Report Series. Both reports are available electronically below:​


Natural Values Conservation Branch
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