Report on the Hamish Saunders Memorial Island Survey Program

Ten years ago the then Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment conducted a land use study of leasehold islands in the Furneaux Group, in conjunction with leaseholders, NRM and the Outer Island Association. The study was to assess the sustainability of land use practices and determine how leasehold conditions should be framed. This work depends on basic information about the natural values of such islands, information which is often incomplete as it was in the case of Inner Sister Island, particularly in relation to fauna. A decade later this has been largely remedied. The results presented in this report not only generate a better understanding of threatened plants, animals, and vegetation communities, but provide knowledge that will contribute to good land management for conservation of natural values.

Written by Harris, S. and Reid, A..
Published by Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.
(Published in 2011)
ISBN/ISSN 978-0-7246-6572-3
Copyright Government of Tasmania 2011
This publication is available online:

  Inner (West) Sister Island - 2010   (5Mb)
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