Islands of the Hogan Group, Bass Strait: Biodiversity and Oil Spill Response Survey 2011

Islands in the Hogan Group, as well as nearby Curtis Island, were surveyed in May 2011 by staff from the Biodiversity Conservation Branch for the presence and abundance of species at risk from an oil spill in the region, including an evaluation of potential management options for such an event. Surveys included an assessment of the presence and abundance of seals, seabirds, small mammals, invertebrates and flora as these islands have not been surveyed for over 20 years.

An assessment of the operational and logistical constraints of dealing with oil and oiled wildlife on the archipelago was conducted. This included access issues, location and function of penguin traps and housing and maintenance of oiled wildlife prior to removal for rehabilitation. In addition, the health of livestock and the condition of fauna and flora communities in relation to livestock damage on Hogan Island were considered.

Written by Carlyon, K., Pemberton, D. and Rudman, T..
Published by Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.
(Published in 2011)
ISBN/ISSN 978-0-7246-7001-7
Copyright Government of Tasmania 2011
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