​​​Links to Departmental publications and other resources relating to natural resource management conservation.

Threatened Habitats

Information on those natural habitats that are in danger of being lost or irreversibly damaged, and how you can help stop the loss


Information on the threats facing the wildlife and ecosystems of Tasmania, and what you can do to help in combating these threats
Introduced Tree Frogs
Marram Grass
Boneseed - Controlling an Environmental Weed
Coastal Weeds
Phytophthera Root Rot
Know Your Ferals (brochure on introduced animals in Tasmania)

Caring for Nature

Details of what you can do to look after the wildlife and habitats of Tasmania
Wildlife Carers' Checklist
Keeping Wildlife Wild
Swift Parrot Habitat - A planting guide
Reducing Roadkill
Keeping Reptiles in Tasmania brochure

Fire Management

Information on fire as a part of the ecology of Tasmanian ecosystems, and how it is managed
Fire, Flora and Fauna


General information on the rich geoheritage of Tasmania
Formation of Tasmania
Tasmania's Cave Reserves
The Lake Highway
Geology of the Tasman Peninsula
Gondwana - The Great Supercontinent
Mole Creek Karst

Tasmanian Bushcare Toolkit

Tasmanian Bushcare ToolkitThe Tasmanian Bushcare Toolkit provides landowners and community groups with a comprehensive guide to the management and conservation needs of native bush. The toolkit covers a wide variety of topics including different vegetation types, threatened species, revegetation and weed management.