Geoconservation Site Significance & Listing Process

Site Significance

Site significance provides the values context for comparing a site with similar or related sites. This can help establish priorities in managing geoconservation values.

Five levels of significance are recognised: local, regional, Tasmania (State), Australia (national), World (international).

An example of a feature that is rare in Tasmania but common elsewhere would be considered significant at State level. If that feature was also rare outside Tasmania, or occurred only in Tasmania, then it might be considered significant at national or international levels.

Site sensitivity

Site sensitivity provides a general indication of the scale and intensity of disturbance that could affect the geoconservation values of a site. The approach is based on a broadly linear sensitivity scale of 1 (highly sensitive) to 10 (very robust).

  Indicative Sensitivity Scale for Geoconservation Values   (44Kb)

Sensitivity provides an initial guide for assessing whether or not an activity has potential to damage the geoconservation values of a site. The sensitivity rating applies a single score to a site and does not take account of possible variations in sensitivity across it, as in the case of large sites where sensitive component features are not uniformly distributed across the listed area. Ideally, sensitivity should be assessed on a case-by-case basis in the context of specific developments.

Additional information on listed sites, including a description of the geoconservation values, is available from DPIPWE's Earth Science Section.


Listing Process

Proposals to add, delete or amend sites are assessed at annual meetings of the Tasmanian Geoconservation Database Reference Group. The group brings together expertise in the earth sciences from staff at the University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Minerals Council, government departments and independent consultants. Criteria for listing are specified in the Terms of Reference.


  Tasmanian Geoconservation Database Reference Group - Terms of Reference   (216Kb)

Updated versions of the database are released regularly.

The listing status of new sites goes through the following stages:
  • Proposed site - sites submitted to the Tasmanian Geoconservation Database Reference Group, prior to being formally considered by that group. These sites are not included in published versions of the database.
  • Site under consideration - site tabled at the Tasmanian Geoconservation Database Reference Group, where the group determines that the site potentially satisfies the criteria for listing but requires more information before accepting it for listing in full. Sites under consideration are included in published versions of the TGD.
  • Listed sites - sites accepted for listing by the TGD Reference Group.
Any person can nominate a site or propose an amendment. However, in the first instance please contact DPIPWE's Earth Science Section to ensure that all relevant information is provided and appropriate formats are adopted.


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