​12/05/2015 - Release of TNVC 2014, new VCA benchmarks and minor F2F2 revisions

​Release of Threatened Native Vegetation Communities 2014 (TNVC 2014)

DPIPWE has released an updated mapping layer of listed threatened native vegetation communities. This new release incorporates recent changes to Schedule 3A of the Nature Conservation Act 2002. For details about changes to the Schedule or for access and metadata for the new TNVC 2014 layer please visit Threatened Native Vegetation Communities page on the DPIPWE website.

Please contact the TASVEG team if you have any questions relating to threatened community mapping: TVMMPSupport@dpipwe.tas.gov.au.

From Forest to Fjaeldmark - minor revisions

Five sections of the technical manual have been subject to minor revisions to improve the clarity of the information they contain. Visit the web page to view the updated sections (flagged as revised March to April 2015)

VCA benchmarks

The vegetation condition bench​marks​ for TASVEG mapping units have been recently reviewed to ensure consistency of information and to reflect changes to the TASVEG classification toward the end of 2012.  The benchmarks, presented on an updated template, are now available from our website.

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