26/09/2014 - Access to TASVEG Live

Dear TASVEG user,

We previously sent out an email regarding access to the layer titled ‘TASVEG Live’ (a layer  representing the current state of DPIPWE’s in-production mapping) with instructions on how to obtain access. We are pleased to announce that this layer is now publicly available and there is no longer a requirement to be granted access. Details on how to access the layer are described below.

There are two ways to access TASVEG Live;

1.            Via LISTmap: The TASVEG Live layer is now included as one of the available layers in LISTmap. As with TASVEG 3.0 there are two versions of the TASVEG Live layer; one symbolised using the traditional TASVEG symbology palette, and another using the outlines and labels symbology (purple outlines to distinguish it from the TASVEG 3.0 yellow). The easiest way to find TASVEG Live (or TASVEG 3.0) is to search for the term ‘TASVEG’ in the Manage Layers dialogue box accessed by clicking on the ‘Add Layer+’ button in the LISTmap table of contents. 

2.            Via the LISTmap web mapping services: There are two web mapping services provided by the LIST that can be used to access LISTmap data over the web. These services are suitable for users who wish to view the layer in their own desktop mapping application. The first is the LISTmap ArcGIS REST endpoint which is suitable for clients who utilise ESRI software. The URL for the ArcGIS REST endpoint is http://services.thelist.tas.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services  and this service provides access to all the publicly available LISTmap content.  A connection can be made to the REST endpoint in ArcCatalog (under ‘GIS Servers’ -> ‘Add ArcGIS Server’ (no authentication details needed)). The TASVEG layers are contained within the ‘Public / Natural Environment’  service directory.

Non ESRI users can still access most of the LISTmap content via the LIST Geoserver Web Mapping Service (WMS) (this service does not currently provide access to all the LISTmap layers). The URL for the LIST Geoserver WMS is http://services.thelist.tas.gov.au/geoserver/PUBLIC/wms. Instructions on how to connect to the WMS vary depending on the GIS platform being used, but this process is usually straightforward – just look for an area that allows you add a connection to a WMS. Currently only the traditional symbology version of TASVEG is available via Geoserver and users will be notified when the outlines and labels version is added to the service.

Users are reminded that TASVEG Live is not suitable as a reporting tool as it has not undergone the usual quality assurance checks that would be undertaken prior to an official release of the TASVEG data set. Please note that, despite its name, TASVEG Live is a weekly replication of the TASVEG data set, with updates usually published over the weekend. TASVEG users are encouraged to examine this layer to gain a better insight into the mapping progress currently underway at DPIPWE. Users who would like to coordinate their mapping effort with the TASVEG team are encouraged to contact TVMMP and request an extract of the master database so that new mapping can be more easily integrated into TASVEG.

We hope that you will find this information useful. As always, if you have any comments or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at TVMMPSupport@dpipwe.tas.gov.au.


TVMM Program Coordinator
GPO Box 44
Hobart TAS 7001
Phone: (03) 6165 4320
Email: TVMMPSupport@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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