Selling or Buying?

Selling or buying a property that has a Conservation Covenant on title?

If you have a Conservation Covenant registered on the title of your property and are thinking of selling, you should keep in mind that anyone involved in the sale process (e.g. real estate agents, lawyers) needs to be informed of the covenant. Prospective buyers and new owners must be informed of the covenant on the property title so that they can factor this into their decisions.

Owners of Conservation Covenants have the support of the Private Land Conservation Program (PLCP)  through a partnership agreement with The Tasmanian Land Conservancy.​​ Staff are available to assist with advice and management.  Officers can provide agents with information about the unique values of a particular private reserve - information that may assist to secure a sale. A covenant may appeal to particular purchasers and may be promoted as a valuable aspect of the property.

With the permission of the vendor, the PLCP may provide an agent or a prospective buyer with a copy of the Nature Conservation Plan, which is the document that guides management activities for the reserve.

If you would like more information about selling or buying a property which has a Conservation Covenant registered on the title, please have a look at our selling or buying brochure.

  Private Land Conservation Program Selling or buying brochure   (503Kb)

Selling or buying a property that is in the Land for Wildlife scheme?

We often find that buyers of Land for Wildlife (LFW) properties are keen to enter the schemes so that they can get involved in more active conservation management. We therefore ask LFW owners who are selling to notify us so that we can make contact with the new owners and see if they would like to keep the property in the scheme.


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