​​​​​​Forms and Guides for Shellfish Growers

Relaying & Receiving Shellfish:

  Grower Information: Relaying & Receiving Shellfish   (335Kb)

 ​Application Form: Relay and/or Receive Shellfish   (109Kb)​

*POMS Movement Permits are currently required by the person/s relaying from the source location​ only. 

To get your POMS shellfish movement permit please use the following contact:

Biosecurity Tasmania - POMS Permits & Enquiries
Phone: 6165 3263

Submitting Samples for Laboratory Testing:

  Shellfish Growing Area ​ Water Test -  Public Health Laboratory Submission Form   (103Kb)

  Shellfish Meat - Microbiological Test - Public Health Laboratory Submission Form   (58Kb)​​

  ShellMAP Heavy Metal & Pesticide Test Submission Form   (91Kb)​

Documents and Legislation​ Relating to the Tasmanian Shellfish Industry

  Tasmanian Shellfish Harvest Area Boundaries 2018   (2Mb)​

ASQAP Manual of Operations

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code 4.2.1 - Primary Production and Processing Standard for Seafood

Primary Produce Safety (Seafood) Regulations 2014​

 ShellMAP Biotoxin Management Plan   (933Kb)​

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