​​​​​​Forms and Guides for Shellfish Growers

Relaying and Receiving Shellfish:

  Grower Information: Relaying & Receiving Shellfish   (335Kb)

  Application Form: Relay and/or Receive Shellfish   (97Kb)​

*POMS Movement Permits are currently required by the person/s relaying from the source location​ only. 

To get your POMS shellfish movement permit please use the following contact:

Biosecurity Tasmania - POMS Permits & Enquiries
Phone: 6165 3263

Submitting Samples for Laboratory Testing:

  Shellfish Growing Area ​ Water Test -  Public Health Laboratory Submission Form   (103Kb)

  Shellfish Meat - Microbiological Test - Public H​ealth Laboratory Submission Form   (61Kb)​

  ShellMAP Heavy Metal & Pesticide Test Submission Form   (91Kb)​

Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program Manual​

The Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Advisory Committee provides oversight and guidance on shellfish food safety matters in Australia. They manage and set the requirements detailed in the ASQAP Operations Manual.

Documents and Legislation​ Relating to the Tasmanian Shellfish Industry

  Tasmanian Shellfish Harvest Area Boundaries   (2Mb)​

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code 4.2.1 - Primary Production and Processing Standard for Seafood

Primary Produce Safety (Seafood) Regulations 2014​

 ShellMAP Biotoxin Management Plan   (933Kb)​​

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