Declarations - Fruit Fly

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment has formally declared Control Areas and Infected Areas for the restriction of movement, transport and supply of host produce of Queensland fruit fly.

The Control Area and Infected Area declarations detailing the specific control measures are available below. Maps showing the areas are contained in the declaration documents.​ Maps for the Control Areas are also available below on this page.

Please note: amended Control Area Declarations to account for revised movement and supply restrictions within the areas (excluding Infected Areas) will be made available on this page on 1 October 2018.

Further information is available on the Fruit Fly page.

Flinders​​ Island Detections​

  Declaration of Control Area - Furneaux Group of Islands - Amended 6-2-18   (541Kb)

  Declaration of Infected Area - Lady Barron, Flinders Island   (688Kb)

  Declaration of Infected Area - Trousers Point/Loccota, Flinders Island   (641Kb)

  Declaration of Infected Area - Badger Corner, Flinders Island   (583Kb)

Northern Tasmania​ Area Detections

  Declaration of Control Area - Northern Tasmania   (2Mb)

Note: this Control Area replaces the previous Greater Devonport Control Area.

  Declaration of Infected Area - Native Plains Road - Amended 16 February 2018   (7Mb)

  Declaration of Infected Area - Acacia Hills - Amended 15 March 2018   (2Mb)

  Declaration of Infected Area - George Town   (999Kb)

Maps of ​Declared Control Areas (click to enlarge)

These maps are also included within the Control Area documents above.

A detailed map of the Control Areas is available through The LIST


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