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​Biosecurity Tasmania has advised that as of 1 October Control Area restrictions have changed to enable growers to sell their produce within the Control Areas.

What this means for the public:

  • Do NOT move host produce from inside the Control Area to outside of the Control  Area
  • From 1 October you can:
  • Move home-grown host produce from your property (including give away or sell), as long as it does not leave the Control Area
  • Dispose of host produce as normal – double-bagging is no longer required - but if you think produce might be infested with fruit fly, please contact Biosecurity Tasmanian Fruit Fly Hotline
  • Compost host produce in the Control Area
  • If you live in an Infected Area further restrictions apply. Use the maps below to check if you live in a Control Area or Infected Area.

What this means for industry:

  • From 1 October, growers can move and sell untreated fruit within the 15 km Control Areas
  • Existing control measures will stay in place for properties within the 1.5 km Infected Areas
  • Movement of fruit from inside to outside the Control Areas is still not allowed, unless fruit is appropriately dealt with under required protocols.

Further Information

Maps showing Control Areas and Infected Areas:

  Fruit Fly Response 2018 Control and Infected Areas Maps   (2Mb)

The document below was sent to industry to provide further information about the Control Area changes and industry assistance options.

  Fruit Fly - Industry Update - Changes to Control Area Restrictions and Assistance Programs   (395Kb)


Fruit Fly Hotline
Report any suspected fruit fly to Biosecurity Tasmania
Phone: (03) 6165 3774

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