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​​​​​​​​​If you see what you think may be signs of fruit fly contact the Fruit Fly Hotline on 6165 3774.

You are most likely to see larvae in a piece of fruit, either fruit you have bought or fruit in your backyard. They look similar to blowfly maggots. If you are not sure, please report it anyway. 

There are no costs involved in reporting and you would be performing an important public service in alerting us to anything that might be fruit fly.

Do not dispose of any fruit that has a maggot you think might be fruit fly. Instead place fruit in a plastic bag or plastic container and put it in your fridge until a Biosecurity Tasmania officer collects it.        ​


Fruit Fly Hotline
Report any suspected fruit fly to Biosecurity Tasmania
Phone: (03) 6165 3774

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