Learning about biosecurity

​​​​​​​​What is biosecurity? What does it mean for you? How does it work? What can you do to help to keep Tasmania safe from the effects of pests, weeds and diseases?

This page lists a number of online biosecurity learning and information resources, together with links to agencies, organisations and groups, who all have an important role in promoting and practicing biosecurity both in Tasmania - and throughout Australia.

A Guide to Tasmania's Biosecurity System​

An outline of the way Tasmania’s biosecurity system works to protect the State’s freedom from these pests, weeds and diseases can be found on the Guide to Tasmania’s Biosecurity System page.

Other External Biosecurity Reources

Mission Biosecurity  

Mission Biosecurity is anational website which features quizzes, videos and podcasts all aimed at educating and raising awareness around biosecurity. 

Biosecurity Tasmania is proud to be a partner in Mission: Biosecurity​ - a suite of interactive and entertaining digital education and information resources aimed at increasing biosecurity awareness and encouraging all Australians to take practical but effective actions to better manage biosecurity risks in their environment, communities and on their properties.

Organisations and groups with an important role in Tasmania's biosecurity

These groups and organisations play an important role in advocating for, and encouraging safe biosecurity practices in Tasmania; they include:

​Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association​

Fruit Growers Tasmania​

Wine Tasmania

NRM North

NRM South

Cradle Coast NRM

Tassie Cat

Tasmanian Agricultural Education Network​

Australian Biosecurity Information and Resources

These organisations play an important national biosecurity ​​role in support of the public and private sectors; they include:

Farm Biosecurity

National Pest and Disease Outbreaks​

Australian Interstate Quarantine​

Plant Health Australia

Animal Health Australia

Bee Aware

Australian Government Agencies

The following agencies have legislated responsibility for biosecurity within their respective jurisdictions:

Commonwealth Government

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Marine Pests

State and Territory Government

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries​

Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries​

Agriculture Victoria

Western Australia​​ Department of Agriculture and Food​​

South Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA)​​

Australian Capital Territory (Biosecurity)

Northern Territory​ Government

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