Importing Plants

​​​​​​​​​​You may import plants into Tasmania that are destined for commercial sale in nurseries, or for domestic, personal applications. However there are a number of plant and plant products that have had specific Import Requirements because they pose a potential threat to Tasmania's biosecurity. Plants or plant products that are allowed into Tasmania without a specific Import Requirement must still meet the general import requirements – in particular, they must be free of soil, correctly labelled and the packaging must be intact.

In this Topic

  • Plant Import Requirement Changes
    Information about changes to the requirements you must meet in order to import plants, plant products (incl. seeds) or agricultural machinery into Tasmania.
  • Import Requirement on Canola Seed and Grain
    Import Requirement 32 of the Plant Quarantine Manual (Tasmania) requires Freedom from Genetically Modified (GM) Brassicaceae Seed Certification.
  • Import Restrictions relating to Myrtle Rust
    The import into Tasmania of plants, cut flowers, seed, fruit, pollen, foliage & tissue culture from all plants from the Myrtaceae family is PROHIBITED in response to an exotic fungus disease outbreak in NSW.
  • Importers Seeking Variation of Import Requirements
    These guidelines are for importers who wish to seek variations to existing Import Requirements detailed in the Plant Biosecurity Manual under the authority of the Plant Quarantine Act 1997.
  • Prohibited Seeds
    A link to the List A and List B Pests and Diseases under the Plant Quarantine Act 1997.


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