Freshwater Fish (live)

​​​​To import freshwater aquarium or pond fish into Tasmania, the Inland Fisheries Service (IFS) requires persons to be registered as a fish dealer. However, under certain circumstances fish may also be imported under permit following written consent of the Director of the IFS.

Fish listed on the Inland Fisheries Permitted List may be imported by registered fish dealers (and by those persons holding a written consent from the Director of IFS) in accordance with requirements set by the general authority for Aquarium or Pond Fish and Molluscs (except goldfish) - see the link below.

  Permissible Fish List   (366Kb)​

Persons not registered as a fish dealer with IFS may not import freshwater fish into Tasmania without an appropriate IFS permit.

Inland Fisheries also maintains a Controlled Species List under the Inland Fisheries Act 1995. Species listed on the Controlled Species List may not be imported into Tasmania.


Aquarium or pond fish and molluscs (except goldfish)


Freshwater Invertebrates – The same rules apply for importation of Freshwater Invertebrates as for Aquarium or Pond Fish. Contact the Inland Fisheries Branch for more information.


Goldfish – Imports of goldfish into Tasmania may only occur from premises that have a disease management plan approved by the Chief Veterinary Officer and who hold a valid Special Authority to import goldfish.  Further enquiries should be directed to Animal Disease Enquiries.


Animal Disease Enquiries
13 St Johns Avenue
New Town TAS 7008
Phone: 03 6165 3263

Inland Fisheries Service
17 Back River Road
New Norfolk TAS 7140
Phone: 6165 3808

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