Application for classification as an essential traveller

Application for Essential Traveller Status

Classification as a Specified Person in relation to the State of Emergency - COVID-19

Other persons, or class of persons, approved by the State Controller.

The Tasmanian Government has declared a State of Emergency. Strict requirements to quarantine in government provided accommodation are now in place.

Note: Tasmanian residents, except for residents of King Island, Flinders Island or the Furneaux Group, will be able to complete their quarantine at their primary residence.

All non-essential travellers arriving in Tasmania will be required to enter quarantine for 14 days in government provided accommodation on arrival in Tasmania.

If your application for Essential Traveller status is approved, you must still comply with listed quarantine conditions directed by the Director of Public Health under section 16 of the Public Health Act 1997.

Application instructions:

  1. Upon arrival in Tasmanian, you are required to quarantine yourself either at your residence (for Tasmanian residents) or in government provided accommodation (for non-Tasmanian residents and residents of King Island, Flinders Island and the Furneaux Group of Islands) for 14 days in accordance with the authorisation of emergency powers issued by the State Controller under section 40 of the Emergency Management Act 2006 – in relation to State of Emergency COVID-19 until such time that you are advised by the State Controller that an exemption has been granted for your application under Item 8 of the 'Schedule Specified Persons'.
  2. Applications for exemption under Item 8 of the Schedule can be made using one of the following methods:
    1. Lodge online using this form
    2. Email your completed form to
    3. Hand your completed form to a Biosecurity Officer on your arrival to Tasmania for forwarding to the State Controller for assessment.

Contacting you about the Decision

You will receive a letter from the State Controller advising you of the outcome of your application.

Please complete the form below, outlining the reasons you believe you should be classed as a Specified Person.

I hereby apply for an exemption to the requirement to quarantine in government provided accommodation for 14 days on entry to Tasmania as required by the Authorisation under section 40 of the Emergency Management Act 2006 - in relation to State of Emergency COVID-19.

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Please provide a short justification for why you meet the criteria above

Supporting Documentation

You MUST attach evidence to support your claim that you are essential to the proper functioning of Tasmania e.g.: a letter from your employer, or client in Tasmania. Your application won’t be considered for approval without this evidence. Upload your evidence at the bottom of this form.


Are you an Australian citizen as show on passport?


If you aren't an Australian citizen please list your nationality as shown on your passport


Select a date from the calendar.



Please provide your mobile phone number in case we need to contact you.


Your accommodation address for the next 14 days

If same as above leave blank

List the countries, states & territories you have visited in the past 30 days.


Are you travelling alone?

We will aim to advise you at the same time


What was your entry point into Tasmania?


Select a date from the calendar.

If by plane, your flight number

If by plane, your seat number

If by boat or ship - name of vessel. If by Spirit if Tasmania provide the ticket number.

* You must agree that the information provided is correct to submit the form.

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Only image(.jpg, .tiff, .png), plain text (.txt), Word (.doc or .docx), Excel (.xls or .xlsx) PDF or ZIP files are accepted.

This information is required under the Emergency Management Act 2006 from all people who have arrived in Tasmania after Friday 20 March 2020 by the State Controller. Failure to provide this information is an offence against the Act and may incur a fine of up to $16,800.00 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or both.
Any person that fails to comply with a requirement to quarantine or self-isolate is committing an offence.
This information is collected and will be used subject to the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 (Tas), for the purposes of assisting the State Controller to exercise powers and perform functions to prevent or control the spread of a notifiable disease under the Public Health Act 1997 (Tas), namely the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

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