Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) - Declaration of Control Area

​​​​​​​​Control Area Declaration

A Control Area has been declared for the whole of Tasmania under the Animal Health Act 1995 restricting the movement of oysters and animal materials and conveyances used in the production of oysters. Movement of oysters for human consumption and for laboratory testing are not restricted.  (Note: harvest closures may be applied by ShellMAP Regulatory Services under the Shellfish Market Access Program which focuses on food safety.)​

A general permit has been issued allowing oysters and associated equipment to be moved within individual production areas to allow for movement of boats to and from leases etc  All other movements will require a permit.
Copies of the Declaration of Control Area and the Notice of Restrictions are available for download below.


Movement Restrictions

A fact sheet has been prepared (available below) that explains the movement restrictions that are in force under the Control Area Declaration. 


Movement Permit Applications

Applying for a permit to move oysters and associated equipment within Tasmania 

A Movement Permit allows the holder, or a person under the direction of the holder, of the permit to move specified oysters and/or equipment from one identified place to another. The permit states the specific conditions by which the movement is authorised. 
Note: Only movements that do not increase risk of infection will be issued.
To make an application for a Movement Permit, complete the application form (copy can be downloaded below) providing relevant details about the proposed activity and email the completed form back to: 

A permit will generally cover the authorised movement of oysters over a 30 day period. As it is anticipated that demand for assessment of proposed oyster translocations will increase significantly over coming days, permit applications should be forwarded to Biosecurity Tasmania with as much notice as possible.​

Applicants are asked to allow five (5) working days for a permit to be processed and issued. Usually permits are issued well within this period, however this is dependent on demand.

Further information​


Biosecurity Tasmania - POMS Permits & Enquiries
Phone: 6165 3263

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