Veterinary Surgeon Registration Applications

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National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR)


National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR) commenced in Tasmania on 12 December 2012.

Veterinary surgeons who are currently registered with another Australian registration board and reside permanently in another Australian State or Territory are entitled to practise as a veterinary surgeon in Tasmania on a short term/locum basis without having to register with the Veterinary Board of Tasmania.  NRVR applies equally to veterinary surgeons with specialist registration.

Conditions placed on any ‘full’ or ‘primary’ registration by another Australian Veterinary Board will apply to the veterinary surgeon when they practise in Tasmania under NRVR.

NRVR does NOT extend to temporary, limited, specific, non-practising or honorary registrations issued by another Australian Veterinary Board.

The category of 'secondary registration' no longer exists in Tasmania.

When does an interstate vet need to apply for registration in Tasmania?

Once an interstate registered vet takes up permanent residence in Tasmania, they are required to apply for registration with the Veterinary Board of Tasmania. In practical terms, if an interstate registered vet moves to a permanent or ongoing position in Tasmania, they can commence working immediately in Tasmania under NRVR, but must lodge their application for registration with the Board as soon as practicable.

Registration as a Veterinary Surgeon

  • The Application form and statutory declaration must be completed.
  • The application fee and pro-rata annual fee as per the fee schedule should be paid (by direct deposit or by cheque) at the time the application is lodged. (The Registration Fees and Charges for Financial Year are listed below).
  • If registration is required urgently, i.e. within 10 business days of receipt of the application, then an additional temporary fast track fee is payable.
  • Verification of your qualifications is necessary by:

    • a certified* copy of your veterinary degree; and
    • a certified* copy of the NAVLE, PAVE, NVE, ECVFG certificate (if applicable); OR
       (Provisional registration applicants: the issuing University/body will supply the "Dean's list" of students/graduands about        to graduate to the Registrar).
  • A letter or certification of good standing is to be provided on behalf of all applicants currently or previously registered by another authority.
  • Proof of identify is required - for example, a certified* copy of a current drivers licence or passport.
  • If the applicant is not a new graduate, but is not currently registered with another board, a statement setting out the applicant's work history and reason for non- registration is to be provided.
  • The original application must be posted to the Board but copies may also be scanned and emailed if the application is urgent.
  • As the Board usually only meets quarterly, temporary registration under s20 of the Act may be granted until the application can be considered by the Board. Approval of your (temporary) registration will be notified soon after the receipt of completed application forms and the appropriate application fee.
  • From 2016, the registration year is the financial year, ie from 1 July until the following 30 June.

*Certified by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations to the effect that the copy is a true copy of the original degree/certificate/document which has been sighted. See below for a list of employment groups who are ex officio Commissioner for Declarations.

Application Form

Application Form for registration:

  Veterinary Surgeon Full Application   (452Kb)

Provisional Registration - Graduands

Graduands, who have completed their veterinary science courses but have yet to graduate formally or receive their certificate of completion, may apply to the Board for provisional registration. Provisional registration lasts for up to 6 months and may be converted to registration as a veterinary surgeon once the degree or certificate has been conferred.

Follow the instructions for registration and use the application form for a veterinary surgeon, but mark the application as a provisional registration. The application may be lodged in anticipation of completion and graduation, but will not be processed until the University provides the Board with the list of graduands. (This usually occurs in December and July as required.) A certified copy of the degree or certificate must be forwarded to the Registrar in due course.

Registration as a Veterinary Specialist

Guidance for the registration of Veterinary Specialists 

  • The registration process has two steps:  firstly registration as a veterinary surgeon; and secondly registration as a veterinary specialist.
  • Those veterinary surgeons not holding Specialist Registration in another State or Territory of Australia should apply to the Registrar to obtain the current instructions. As a preliminary step to ascertain their eligibility they should read the Specialist Registration Information Booklet issued by the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Inc.
  • Those holding Specialist Registration in another State or Territory who intend to reside and practise in Tasmania, should
    • apply for registration as a veterinary surgeon using the Veterinary Surgeon Full Application form
    • indicate that they are applying also for registration as a veterinary specialis
    • attach certified copies of their additional qualifications and
    • ensure that the Letter of Good Standing from the jurisdiction in which the Specialist Registration is granted, recognises the status of Specialist, the category of speciality and the original date of granting Specialist Registration. 
  • The fees payable are the fees for registration as a veterinary surgeon plus the application fee for a registration as a veterinary specialist.
    The Board has approved the specialist categories as recognised from time to time by the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Inc.     

Annual Renewal of Registration 

To remain registered the Board requires that veterinary surgeons pay their Annual Registration Fee by 30 June each year.  Vets who do not wish to remain registered should voluntarily remove themselves from the register by advising the registrar in writing.  Registration renewal documents are sent to all registered veterinary surgeons in May and registration renewal is available from mid May to 30 June each year.  Late payment may incur a late fee.   

Registration Fees and Charges for Financial Year 2019-2020

The VBT registration year aligns with the financial year, from 1 July to the following 30 June.  
All registration renewals fall due by 30 June of each year.  

All fees and charges are exempt from GST.

Annual Renewal fee: 
Due 30 June 2019 - $408  
If paid after 30 June - $483

New or Provisional registration fees pro-rata for the financial year by date of application
2019 Date of Application/Period of Registration
Application fee $
Pro-rata annual fee $
Total $ to 30/6/20
From 1 July to 30 Sept (12m reg'n to 30/6/20)

From 1 October to 31 Dec (9m reg'n to 30/6/20)128
2020 Date of Application/Period of registration

From 1 Jan to 31 March (6m reg'n to 30/6/20)
From 1 April to 30 June (3m reg'n to 30/6/20)

Temporary Registration Fast Track Fee

Payable in addition to the new/provisional registration fee if registration is required within 10 business days of application

Specialist Registration Application fee
Must also be registered as a veterinary surgeon.
Application for Exemption (s13) (annual)
Reg. 5(2) Application for approval NVE candidate​128
Late fee - (in addition to annual renewal of registration fee)
Service Charges

Letter of Good (Professional) Standing (LOGS)

Veterinary Register - Printed or Electronic copy

Follow up inspection fee


Payment may be made by direct deposit to the Board's account:

Commonwealth Bank BSB 067 008 A/C No 2800 0964. 

Please use your surname as a reference.
Payment may also be made by cheque payable to the Veterinary Board of Tasmania.

For overseas payers: BIC/SWIFT Code: CTBAAU2S​

Commissioners for Declarations

The declaration on the application forms must be witnessed and countersigned by a JP or a Commissioner for Declarations. A list of some persons who are Commissioners is provided below.

Commissioners for Declarations are detailed in the Oaths Act 2001. Persons within certain professions or employment groupings are automatically ex officio Commissioners for Declarations. The employment groupings are identical to those in similar Commonwealth legislation.

Some of those Commissioners for Declarations are:

  • Chiropractor
  • Dentist
  • Legal practitioner
  • Medical practitioner
  • Nurse
  • Optometrist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist
  • Veterinary surgeon
Employment Groups (examples) -
  • Agent of the Australian Postal Corporation - officer in charge
  • Bank, Building Society, or Credit Union officer - 5 years or more continuous service
  • Member of the Australian Defence Forces - Officer, NCO (5+ yrs continuous service) Warrant Officer)
Member of:
      • Institute of Chartered Accountants
      • Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants
      • National Institute of Accountants
      • Institute of Corporate Managers, Secretaries and Administrators
      • Institute of Engineers, Australia (not student grade)
Member of a:
      • Parliament of the Commonwealth
      • Parliament of a State, or a Territory legislature
      • Local Government Authority
Permanent employee of:
      • the Commonwealth, or a Commonwealth Authority,
      • a State or Territory, or a State or Territory Authority,
      • a Local Government Authority with 5+ years of continuous service
  • Police officer
  • Teacher employed on a full-time basis at a school or tertiary education institution.

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