Veterinary Services Entities and Sole Practitioners


Sole Practitioners

Sole practitioners who intend to provide veterinary services are required to give the Board notice before they commence their new practice.

  Veterinary Services Sole Practioner Notification S26   (225Kb)

Veterinary Services Companies and Partnerships (collectively called Veterinary Services Entities)

A veterinary services company means a body corporate one of the objects of which is the provision of veterinary services, and includes an incorporated limited partnership, within the meaning of the Partnership Act 1891, that carries on a business, all or part of which consist of the provision of veterinary services.

A veterinary services partnership means a partnership that carries on a business, all or part of which consists of the provision of veterinary services.

The Board is required to keep a list of veterinary services entities (s29).

A company or partnership that intends to provide veterinary services must give the Board written notification of that intention (s26). The notification must include the following:

  • the registered office of the company within Tasmania; or
  • the office of the partnership at which notices may be served on the partnership;
  • the place or places where the company/partnership proposes to carry on business;
  • the names and addresses of the members and officers of the company or the partners;
  • any other matters the Board considers appropriate.

A veterinary services entity that is not on the list must not provide veterinary services. Penalty: Fine not exceeding 20 penalty units (s29(8)).

There are no fees under the Veterinary Surgeons Act associated with the notification of a veterinary services entity.

NOTE: Company registration under company law is required independently of the Veterinary Surgeons Act.

Veterinary Services Entity Notification Form (188 KB)

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