Animal Welfare Guidelines

All states are working towards nationally consistent livestock welfare standards and guidelines. Under this system guidelines are accepted good industry practice that should be complied with.

The Animal Welfare Act also provides for 'animal welfare guidelines' to be approved under the Act. They are advisory documents for the education and guidance of persons involved in the care and management of animals, promoting the adoption of good standards of husbandry. As official advisory documents they have been used by courts and others to help determine whether a particular action or inaction is a breach of the animal welfare legislation.

Tasmanian Animal Welfare Guidelines

Tasmania's Animal Welfare Guidelines:
      • Are approved by the Minister under the Animal Welfare Act
      • Are developed and reviewed by industry, animal welfare groups and Government
      • Include nationally agreed guidelines for livestock welfare
      • Set out recommended guidelines for humane treatment of animals
      • Advise people with the care or charge of animals
      • Advise the courts.
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