Hobby Farmers, Small and New Landholders

​​​​​​More and more Tasmanians are enjoying the lifestyle of having a few acres, having a few animals, growing some of their own food and so on. Smallholder producers and hobby farmers range from people with a few backyard chooks and a vegie patch through to those who are making serious attempts to get at least part of their living from the land.

It is most important, not just for the smallholder or hobby farmers themselves but also for everyone else in the community, that all farmers - small, new and established commercial alike, take their biosecurity and animal welfare responsibilities seriously. The following documents provide some basic information to help you do just that:

General B​iosecu​rity Information

A Beginner's Guide to Tasmania's Biosecurity System

Farm Biosecurity Visitor Register: A downloadable register to record visitors to your property

Livestock ​identification - your responsibilities

Poultry litter as fertiliser

Composting and Mad Cow Disease


Alpacas - some basic biosecurity tips​​

Wormtest information


Cattle - some basic biosecurity tips

Cattle nutrition - a basic guide

Body condition scoring of beef cattle

​​Body condition scoring ​of dairy cattle


Backyard Poultry

Producing safe eggs at home


Goats - some basic biosecurity tips

Goats and worms

Wormtest information

Worm control strategy suitable for goats under Tasmanian conditions​ 

Goats and Johne's Disease - Biosecurity Fact Sheet


Horses - some basic biosecurity tips

Horse nutrition - a basic guide

Body condition scoring and weight estimate of horses - how to do it

Wormtest information

Horse welfare guidelines


Pigs - some basic biosecurity tips

The Backyard Pig


Sheep - a guide for hobby farmers and smallholders

Smallholder Sheep Cheat Sheet!​

Caring for sheep in extreme weather

Sheep nutrition - a basic guide

Body condition scoring of sheep

Sheep and worms

Wormtest information

Worm control strategy suitable for sheep under Tasmanian conditions

Sheep Connect Tasmania - for factsheets on Footrot, Ovine Johne's, Sarcocystis, Toxoplasmosis, Cheesy Gland, Hydatid disease, Liver fluke, Bladder worm, Arthritis and Sheep Measles.

Animals and B​ush Fire​

Bushfire Plan - Include your Animals in your Bushfire Plan

Please feel free to download any or all of these documents and keep them handy for future reference. It is important to understand that they are for general guidance only and livestock owners should always seek advice from a veterinarian for their specific circumstances.


Animal Disease Enquiries
13 St Johns Avenue
New Town TAS 7008
Phone: 03 6165 3777
Email: AnimalDisease.Enquiries@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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