Trading Sheep - interstate movements and trading sheep in Tasmania

Movement of Sheep from Tasmanian to mainland Australia

Each state has its own requirements for importation of sheep. Information can be found at the National OJD Program website.

The National OJD Program also provides a summary of trade requirements relating to OJD.

Tasmanian legislation relating to trade of sheep in Tasmania

Ovine Johne's Disease (OJD) is an endemic and widespread disease of sheep in Tasmania. A regulatory approach is not an effective mechanism to control and manage OJD within Tasmania.

OJD is a notifiable disease and must be reported to a Tasmanian Stock Inspector if diagnosis of infection is confirmed or suspected. It is also a requirement for a person to inform a potential receiver of sheep (eg buyer, agister, borrower) if OJD infection has been confirmed or suspected on the property.

The use of the National Sheep Health Statement (SHS) is voluntary in Tasmania. It is strongly recommended that receivers of sheep request the supplier to fill in a SHS before sheep are accepted onto the receiver's property.

It is recommended that all 'approved vaccinate' sheep must be tagged with a NLIS'V' tag following vaccination with OJD vaccine. All sheep must be NLIS tagged before leaving the property.


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