National Bee Pest Surveillance Program

The National Bee Pest Surveillance Program is an early warning system to detect new incursions of exotic bee pests and pest bees. The program involves a range of surveillance methods conducted at locations considered to be of most likely entry of bee pests and pest bees throughout Australia.

24 Sentinel hives (normal hives dedicated to surveillance) are spread around Tasmanian port areas and tested every six weeks for the presence of exotic pests and viruses.

If you are interested in volunteering to manage a sentinel hive, please use the contact information below for further information on what is involved in managing and testing these hives.

Compete an Apiary Pest or Disease Notification Form:

  Apiary Pest or Disease Notification Form   (141Kb)​

For further information see:

National Bee Pest Surveillance Program


Biosecurity Tasmania - Apiary Biosecurity
Apiary Biosecurity Coordinator
Biosecurity Operations Branch
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
GPO Box 44 Hobart 7001
13 St Johns Avenue
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Phone: (03) 6165 3778
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