Exporting honey, honeycomb and other apiary products

​​​Exporting honey and other apiary products 

A health certificate for interstate movement of honey and other apiary products is required to export honey to most Australian States. Please check with the biosecurity agency in the State you wish to export for current requirements.

  Health certificate apiary re​lated products   (15Kb)

Exporting honeycomb 

Tasmania is the only State in Australia where Braula coeca exists. It is a wingless fly which has developed a commensal relationship with the European honey bee Apis mellifera. Braula larvae create branching tunnels through the comb honey, reducing its value.

The document below describes the protocol for the treatment of comb honey for human consumption for export from Tasmania to mainland Australia, and includes a declaration form for exporters.

  Honeycomb Export Protocol 2016   (104Kb)​

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