Animal Health Legislation

The Animal Health Act 1995, Animal Health Regulations 2016, the Animal Welfare Act 1993 and some other legislation associated with animals is publicly available on Tasmania's legislation website:

Notices which appear in the Government Gazette are not available on Tasmania's legislation web site and even if published in newspapers when made, are generally not easy to access over time.

From time to time, the Chief Veterinary Officer or Minister may publish notices in the Government Gazette which have important implications for persons involved with animals and animal materials. To make these notices more available to the public, some of the more important notices will be placed on this web site.

Gazette Notices

  Animal Brands and Movement Act 1984   (108Kb)

  Permanent Identification Devices in Cattle   (322Kb)

  General Permit for Possession and Administration of a Diagnostic Reagent   (208Kb)

  General Permit for Administration of Vaccine   (198Kb)


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