Future Direction for a new Contemporary Biosecurity Legislative Framework

​​​​​​​​​​Consultation closed on 23 December 2016

​The Future Direction for a new Contemporary Biosecurity Legislative Framework will help us to grow and protect Tasmania’s businesses, environment and community.
Biosecurity is especially important to Tasmania because there are fewer pests and diseases in our farmed and natural environments than elsewhere in Australia. This gives us a competitive advantage in our economy and attractions.
To support sustainable growth within the State, Biosecurity Tasmania began to review Tasmania’s biosecurity laws in 2014. Ideas for a revised biosecurity framework were discussed with participants from industry, environmental and production sectors. Public input was sought on a proposed position in March 2016. 

The review resulted in the Tasmanian Biosecurity Framework which sets out the aims, objectives and principles for biosecurity. This framework has received in-principle support from stakeholders.

To implement the framework, the Tasmanian Government intends to create a new single Biosecurity Act.The new Biosecurity Act will
  • Promote good regulatory practices through an efficient and effective legislative framework;
  • Build stakeholder partnerships; and
  • Support a strong biosecurity system that facilitates trade opportunities and protects businesses, environment and the community.

The new Biosecurity Act will be framework legislation which replaces seven existing Acts. All the elements of our biosecurity system will be brought together under one piece of framework legislation which provides the key powers to enable the regulation of biosecurity across business, community and the environment.

This new contemporary approach to our biosecurity legislative framework is the most efficient and effective way to regulate biosecurity into the future.

The intended scope and elements of the biosecurity legislative framework is outlined in the draft Future Direction statement.

Public consultation on the Future Direction statement closed on 23 December 2016. There will be further opportunity to have input when a draft of the new Biosecurity Bill is released in 2017 for public consultation.

Submissions received

In total five submissions were received from six stakeholders. 
A full copy of four of the five submissions received is available below. One submission will remain confidential at the request of the submitter (but has been considered fully by the project team).

Background Information

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Biosecurity Legislation Review Fact Sheet - Post-Consultation

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