Outcome of Consultation on Biosecurity Legislative Review March 2016 Position Paper


Public comments closed on 29 April 2016

Good biosecurity is about protecting our community, economy, industries, and environment from the negative impacts of pest and disease. 

The Tasmanian Government is reviewing Tasmania's biosecurity legislation to provide a more modern and efficient system for the State. This will involve changing the laws that govern biosecurity as well as changing how we administer those laws.

Our current legislation largely achieves what we need it to for biosecurity but there are inefficiencies that can be removed and other improvements made by changing how our legislation is structured. There are many modern tools and powers that allow improved management of biosecurity-related issues that our current suite of legislation does not contain. 

What was reviewed?

The focus of this review was the primary biosecurity legislation that is administered by Biosecurity Tasmania:

  • Plant Quarantine Act 1997
  • Animal Health Act 1995
  • Seeds Act 1985
  • Weed Management Act 1999
  • Vermin Control Act 2000
  • Biological Control Act 1985
  • Animal (Brands and Movement) Act 1984
  • Animal Farming (Registration) Act 1994

These laws relate directly to our ability to manage animal and plant pests, diseases and weeds in Tasmania. They are vital for maintaining our enviable market access, reputation for high quality, safe produce and desirability as a tourist destination. Other related legislation administered by DPIPWE is also being investigated during the review process.

Biosecurity is a shared responsibility. Changes are being proposed, particularly with respect to the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders including government, industry and the community.

A Position Paper was prepared to provide a summary of the background issues associated with Tasmania's biosecurity system and describe the features of a contemporary biosecurity legislative framework. The Position Paper also provided an explanation of the proposal for a single Biosecurity Act.

  Biosecurity Legislation Review Position Paper   (1Mb) 


How long did the consultation period last?

Members of the public had 5 weeks to provide feedback into the review. The consultation period commenced on 23 March and closed on 29 April 2016.

All interested members of the community were encouraged to be active in providing feedback into this review. Your feedback helped ensure that community requirements are appropriately reflected as the review progressed.


Submissions received

In total 13 submissions were received from 15 stakeholders, including individuals, industry, community groups, environmental organisations and governments. All submissions are available below.

Submission No.1 - Randall

Submission No.2 - Avicultural Society of Tasmania 1

Submission No.2 - Avicultural Society of Tasmania 2

Submission No.3 - Bridle

Submission No.4 - Finch Society of Australia & Canary and Cage Bird Federation of Australia

Submission No.5 - Fruit Growers Tasmania

Submission No.6 - Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Submission No.7 - Tasmania Police

Submission No.8 - Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association

Submission No.9 - The Environment Association

Submission No.10 - Local Government Association Tasmania

Submission No.11 - Invasive Species Council & Tasmanian Conservation Trust

Submission No.12 - Nursery and Garden Industry Tasmania

Submission No.13 - Department of Agriculture and Water Resources


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