Biosecurity Advisory Committee

Tasmania’s reputation as a premium producer of agricultural and seafood products, and as a leading tourism destination, is reliant on a rigorous and effective biosecurity system.

The formation of Tasmania’s first Biosecurity Advisory Committee has been one of the key initial tasks required for the effective implementation of Tasmania’s new Biosecurity Act 2019.

The selection of the Committee followed a public ‘expression of interest’ process and has been formed as an independent advisory body. 

The Committee will provide advice to the Tasmanian Government and Minister for Primary Industries and Water on biosecurity in Tasmania and will help guide Government strategies and policy for biosecurity matters.

Good biosecurity relies on the community, industry and government working together. The Biosecurity Advisory Committee will help facilitate these partnerships.

The committee includes a mix of skills and representatives from a range of industry sectors across the State, including wild fisheries and aquaculture sectors, animal and plant-based agricultural industries, tourism industries, environmental organisations, the science, industry and community liaison, and education sectors, accounting, economic or strategic planning expertise, public administration expertise at both the State and local government level, a community member and a State Service employee.

Committee members are:
  • Felicity Richards (Biosecurity Advisory Committee Chair) 
  • Julian Harrington
  • Davina Gregory-Dunsmuir
  • Rod Andrewartha
  • Peter Skillern
  • Nic Hansen
  • Michael Bailey
  • Rosanna Coombes
  • Stephen Percival
  • Annabel von Bibra
  • Penny Wells

For more information:

Manager - Office of the General Manager
Biosecurity Tasmania​
Mobile:  0429 401 994

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