Tasmania's Bee Industry

Tasmania’s beekeepers not only produce leatherwood honey, a premium and exclusively Tasmanian product, they also provide bees to pollinate many of our highest value fruit, cereal and vegetable crops. 

The Bee Industry Futures Report has been developed with industry to help ensure Tasmanian beekeepers, and the pollination dependent industries, can prosper into the future.

The Government has committed $750 000 over three years (2018-21) towards implementation of priorities identified in the Bee Industry Futures Report. This includes $500 000 for selected infrastructure upgrades to allow access to floral resources.   

The report has three main themes:
  • ​Access to natural floral resources (including leatherwood)
  • Strengthening the State’s pollination capacity, and 
  • Continued progress toward best practice biosecurity measures. 

The Bee Industry Futures Report is part of the Tasmanian Government commitment to work with industry to grow the farm gate value of Tasmania’s agriculture to $10 billion by 2050.

A copy of the Bee Industry Futures Report is available for download


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