Planning for Emergency Situations

​​​Tasmania can experience some extreme weather and emergency events, often without much warning.  Having a disaster or emergency plan for events such as fire and flood can help you to reduce the impact on your family and property should the need arise.

TASALERT is the State alert system for all emergencies, and is active with updates during an emergency. It will notify you of locations of emergency events and also provide updates on road closures.

What to do and where to go

Take the time to contact your local council and familiarise yourself with your local evacuation centre, noting this may change according to the emergency event. Your local council may also assist you in understanding pathways for escape, depending on whether it is flooding or fire which threatens your property.

Emergency property planning

There are a number of things you can do prior to an emergency to ensure the safe evacuation and protection of your family, livestock and property. The publications below may assist you in planning for an emergency event.

Prepare Act Survive

Before an Emergency (NSW Community planning)

What to do with livestock

One of the most distressing aspects for property owners during an emergency is protecting livestock.  A number of resources have been provided to help in the planning of livestock management during an emergency.

  FAQ Accessing Fodder in Emergency Situations   (94Kb)

  RSPCA Emergency Stress Management for Domestic Pets   (460Kb)

  Equine Emergency Planning Fact Sheet 5 - My Equine Emergency Plan and Horses Vital Signs   (397Kb)

After the event

Each emergency is different in size and damage and impact. The Tasmanian Government works with local councils to quickly assess the needs of residents in emergency funds, emotional or psychological support, housing and recovery. If you are affected by an event, in the first instance contact your local council who will have an Emergency Management Coordinator in place to assist you in receiving the appropriate help you need.

The Counselling Services and Support for Farmers and Rural Communities webpage may assist you in providing services to help you in your recovery after an emergency event. 


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