Managing for Seasonal Conditions

​​Managing seasonal conditions is part and parcel of farming in Tasmania and always represents one of the biggest challenges to anyone working in our agriculture sector.

General property management information for seasonal conditions

The links below will help you with resources for planning around seasonal changes.

Current Tasmanian Conditions

Managing for Seasonal Conditions

Checklists to help with Managing Seasonal conditions

Flood Plain Management and Maps

Managing livestock in challenging seasonal conditions

The factsheets  below will help you with animal management in challenging seasonal conditions

  Managing animals in extremely dry conditions   (257Kb)

  Which Sheep Do I Keep - A Guide for Sheep Producers in Drought   (457Kb)

  Feed Budget Tables for Drought/Dry Conditions in Southern Australia   (220Kb)

  Managing Fodder Prices for Droughts - A Sheep Producers Guide   (416Kb)

  Managing Sheep in Droughtlots - A Best Practice Guide   (646Kb)

  Stock Water - A Limited Resource   (131Kb)

  Fodder and Feed donations in extreme dry conditions   (68Kb)

Managing pastures in challenging seasonal conditions

The factsheets below will help you with pasture management in challenging seasonal conditions

  Managing Native Pastures During Drought   (275Kb)

  NRM South Drought - facing the challenge and managing the risk   (2Mb)  

Managing water in dry conditions

  Managing Water in Extremely Dry Conditions   (1Mb)

What to consider after flood events​

  Dam safety monitoring after a flood event   (379Kb)


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