Small and New Landholders and Hobby Farmers

​​​​​People become landholders for various reasons. Some purchase their property for a hobby, recreation or sporting activities. Others wish to start a profitable business on their properties. This web portal seeks to provide direct information to help landholders understand the regulatory requirements for agricultural operations – and provide a wide range of useful links and contacts covering a range of topics, including business development.


In addition to the introdutory information here for small and new landholders, visit FarmPoint​ which has been created to assist producers in accessing a number of sites of benefit to Tasmanian producers.

If you can’t find what you need our AgriGrowth Liaison Officers can answer your enquiries directly by phone or email, or can refer you to the best source of information within DPIPWE, or elsewhere.

Speak to the FarmPoint team on 1300 292 292, Monday to Friday, 9:00am until 4:45pm. 
Email​ at any time and we will respond during business hours.

In this Topic

  • Managing Your Property
    Issues to consider before you commit to purchasing a small or new landholding.
  • Accessing and Using Water
    Building and maintaining dams, the requirements for accessing ground water (bores) and information about access to water from rivers and streams.
  • Owning Livestock
    The requirements and responsibilities around owning or agisting livestock, including registering and tagging animals, animal welfare, and general information to help with management, feeding and care.
  • Managing Soils
    Understanding your soils, including issues and solutions in relation to problems like salinity and erosion. Advice on increasing the productivity of your soils.
  • Horticultural Production
    Developing your horticultural business.
  • Pastures and Crops
    Growing, improving and maintaining your pastures and crops.
  • Biosecurity for New or Small Landholders
    Your responsibilities around biosecurity for livestock and property management, and food safety for off-farm sales.
  • Starting a Business From Your Property
    Resources and information for starting a business from your small or new landholding.
  • Managing for Seasonal Conditions
    Planning to manage potentially damaging events such as frosts, floods and extended dry conditions.
  • Planning for Emergency Situations
    Planning and dealing with emergency situations such as fire and flood.
  • Useful Contacts
    Contacts for DPIPWE and industry for water management, agricultural production, soils, land management and biosecurity.


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