Small and New Landholders

People become small landholders for various reasons. Some purchase their property for a hobby, recreation or sporting activities. Others wish to start a profitable business on their properties. This web portal seeks to provide direct information to help landholders understand the regulatory requirements for agricultural operations – and provide a wide range of useful links and contacts covering a range of topics, including business development.

In this Topic

  • Managing Your Property
    Issues to consider before you commit to purchasing a small or new landholding.
  • Accessing and Using Water
    Building and maintaining dams, the requirements for accessing ground water (bores) and information about access to water from rivers and streams.
  • Owning Livestock
    The requirements and responsibilities around owning or agisting livestock, including registering and tagging animals, animal welfare, and general information to help with management, feeding and care.
  • Managing Soils
    Understanding your soils, including issues and solutions in relation to problems like salinity and erosion. Advice on increasing the productivity of your soils.
  • Horticultural Production
    Developing your horticultural business.
  • Pastures and Crops
    Growing, improving and maintaining your pastures and crops.
  • Biosecurity for New or Small Landholders
    Your responsibilities around biosecurity for livestock and property management, and food safety for off-farm sales.
  • Starting a Business From Your Property
    Resources and information for starting a business from your small or new landholding.
  • Managing for Seasonal Conditions
    Planning to manage potentially damaging events such as frosts, floods and extended dry conditions.
  • Planning for Emergency Situations
    Planning and dealing with emergency situations such as fire and flood.
  • Useful Contacts
    Contacts for DPIPWE and industry for water management, agricultural production, soils, land management and biosecurity.


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