Species for Profit

‚ÄčThis publication will help producers choose the most appropriate species and cultivars for their specific site - for pastures, forage or cash crops. These decisions are becoming more difficult as the choice range increases and the marketplace becomes more competitive.

Contents include:
    Species for Profit publication
  • Pasture grasses comparison table
  • Ryegrasses - separating out the species
  • Pasture legumes (overview)
  • Perennial legumes comparison table
  • Annual legumes comparison table
  • Fodder crop comparison tables
  • Brassica fodder crops
  • Cereals for fodder production (overview)
  • Annual and short-lived ryegrasses
  • Pasture legumes as forage crops
  • Maize
  • Millet
  • Cash crop comparison table - Cereals
  • Cereals (overview)
  • Cash crop comparison table - Legumes
  • Grain legumes (overview)
  • Canola
  • Perennial herbs and
  • Tips and tricks.

    Published by Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.
    (Published in 2006)
    Copyright Government of Tasmania 2006
    This publication is now only available online.
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