The Pastures and Livestock Productivity Project

​​​​​​​​​The Pastures and Livestock Productivity Project is seeking to improve pasture quality and quantity as a basis for increasing livestock production in Tasmania.
Red meat is a significant contributor to the State economy accounting for about 20 per cent of the gross value of agricultural production. 
The Project has developed an understanding of producers knowledge of pastures through Social Research and is using this to develop and deliver an extension program to help producers to understand and adopt pasture management technologies.
Increasing on farm production of meat cattle and sheep can contribute to the post farm gate processing sector.
The Project complements the Tasmanian Red Meat Industry Working Group which recognises the importance of pastures in red meat production.

Outputs for the project include:​
  1. Social Research Report by RMCG Consulting Group Pty Ltd (December 2018)
  2. Five additional perennial pastures and three perennial legumes as part of the suite of Enterprise Suitability Mapping Tools on LISTMAP are currently being developed.   
  3. Guide for Tasmanian Pastures and Field Crops is being updated by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture and will also incorporate these additional crop rules and maps.  
  4. The Pasture Pathways Small Project Fund for extension activities that address barriers identified in the Social Research Report (now open for submissions, see below). 
This Pastures and Livestock Productivity Project commenced mid-April 2018 with a report due to Government by December 2021.

$648,000 over three years has been allocated to the Project.  Funding has been allocated from the State Government’s Sustainable Agri-Food Plan 2019-23, the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.

Pasture Pathways Sma​​ll Project Fu​nd

Applications​ have now closed for this funding.

In 2020-2021 the Tasmanian Government is making $340,000 available for extension projects to help farmers develop good pasture management.

All successful grant projects must be designed to address the barriers and challenges identified in the Social Research Report (refer below).  While Tasmania is managing COVID-19 the rules around gathering and social distancing continue to apply.  As such projects that incorporate online peer-to-peer learning are encouraged.

The successful grant projects are to be announced shortly.

Social Research Report

Please find below the Social Research Report..

  Social Research Report   (11Mb)


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Kings Meadows TAS 7249
Phone: 1300 292 292
Fax: (03) 6777 5100

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