Tasmania has relatively abundant fresh water by Australian standards. However, insufficient summer rainfall often inhibits plant growth in agricultural areas. There is growing use of irrigation on dairy pastures and in cropping areas to ensure optimum and reliable plant growth.

It is important to improve irrigation management in order to increase production, reduce the cost of production, reduce pests and diseases, optimise the use of a scarce resource and reduce impacts on the environment.

In this Topic

  • Evaporation Pans
    Recording of evaporation pan data must be combined with rainfall records using a rainguage.
  • Getting Irrigation Right
    To decide when to irrigate and how much water to apply, the amount of water in the soil needs to be monitored.
  • Tensiometers
    Tensiometers monitor changes in soil water without disturbing the roots of growing plants.
  • Wise Watering Irrigation Management Course
    Wise Watering is an education and awareness program that promotes the adoption of best irrigation management practices and technologies.