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There are many useful sources of information on salinity in Australia and many salinity related web pages within the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment website. The objective of the DPIPWE salinity web pages is to provide access to information, reports and data specific to Tasmania. For generic information on salinity it is suggested that a general web search is done across Australian sites.

The following highlights some major websites external to this site which may be useful. The websites contain general information and the national websites, in particular, should be used with care, as local Tasmanian conditions and processes may differ from other areas in Australia. When specific Tasmanian information is needed, use this site, search for other Tasmanian sites and obtain expert advice from people familiar with Tasmania.

1. Tasmania State of Environment (SOE) report
The State of Environment Report contains information about issues (including an analysis of the salinity issue) affecting Tasmania's environment. It is designed for use by the community and policy makers to help inform decision-making across all spheres of government.

2. Saltland Genie
The Saltland Genie is a good source of generic information on salinity and its management in Australia. Its focus is on the productive use of saline land. Many of the solutions are applicable in Tasmania but also seek local expert advice. The Genie presents the latest knowledge and tools for saltland management from the Sustainable Grazing on Saline Lands Initiative, the Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) for Plant-based Management of Salinity and the Future Farm Industries CRC, many state governments and other research and extension organizations.

The Genie helps you compare pros and cons of 11 possible options. He will show you what has worked for others and what could work for you.

3. Tasmanian Natural Resource Management regions
Since 2005 the NRM regions have been managing significant NRM programs, activities and projects including most of the Tasmanian National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality land salinity project investment. For information on their NRM strategies, discussion papers, copies of project reports and other regional information on salinity at Regional Natural Resource Management: As many reports are in the process of being completed and therefore are not on the website it is also suggested that you contact each NRM region for information.

NRM North
Level 2, McKenzie Building
63-65 Cameron Street
(PO Box 1224)
Ph: (03) 6333 7777
Fax: (03) 6334 2822
NRM South
313 Macquarie Street
(PO Box 425)
Phone: 03 6221 6111
Fax: 03 6221 6166
Cradle Coast
Located: Cradle Coast Authority
30 Marine Terrace (PO Box 338)
Phone: 03 6431 6285
Fax: 03 6431 7014
Mobile: 0438 450 837

4. King Island Natural Resource Management Group
This group has undertaken significant salinity project work. See:

5. Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT) - Groundwater Information
Mineral Resources Tasmania has built up a comprehensive database of groundwater information in its TIGER database including some information on salinity. See the NRM regional links above and look under Community information.

6. Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment - Groundwater Information
Currently most DPIPWE groundwater data is not on-line but can be obtained by contacting the Department. Data is held by Water and Marine Resources Division and by the Resources Management and Conservation Division. Telephone 1300 368 550 (local call rates in Australia)

Note: Many websites and documents available on them are under constant review, so continually return to the websites and check for the latest versions.

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