The Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural Women's Award

​​​​​​​​​What is the AgriFutures Rural Women's Award

The AgriFutures Rural Women's Award supports women who want to innovate, develop and strengthen Tasmania's primary industries and rural communities. The award:
  • recognises, celebrates and acknowledges exceptional women and their vital contribution
  • provides financial and practical support to implement award winners' visions 
  • celebrates exceptional contribution to rural communities and industry
  • builds skills in industry and leadership 
  • provides important recognition for the value of women in agriculture
Despite its name, the Award is primarily NOT about being the best rural woman - it is about identifying a learning opportunity that you believe will benefit you and your industry.  Be inspired by the story of Anh Nguyen, 2019 Tasmanian winner and her experience.

How do I apply

The Agrifutures Australia website provides important information about:
  • the award
  • who can apply
  • the application process
The Award is open to all women involved in some way in primary industries, whether you work in broad-acre farming or intensive livestock, cropping, horticulture, fisheries, forestry, natural resource management or related service industries.

You will be surprised how easy it is to apply, and how many doors will open as a result.

You can also:

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In Tasmania ONLY, finalists receive a Tasmanian Women in Agriculture​ (TWIA) Leadership and Skills Development Bursary as follows:
  • TWiA Encouragement ​Award (runner up) - $2,000
  • TWiA Rural Women's Development Award Finalists - $1,000 each

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2020 Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural ​Women's Award ​

2020 Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural Women's Award winner: Karen Brock  
Karen Brock, 2020 Tasmanian AgriFutures RWA winner

Karen Brock, 2020 Tasmanian AgriFutures RWA winner

​​​Karen Brock, from Winkleigh specialises in plant tissue culture for the food production and cut flower sectors.​
A $10,000 bursary will assist Karen in her work to reduce plant input costs as well as develop disease-resistant and climate-tolerant plants that produce higher-yeilding crops. 
Karen also partners with others to teach plant tissue culture and assists with food security production systems in under-developed countries.
Karen will attend the prestigious Australian Institute of Company Directors Course and represent Tasmania at the announcement of the national winner of the 2020 AgriFutures Rural Women's Award in Canberra on Tuesday 15 September.
Louise Morris, Encouragement Award

Louise Morris, Encouragement Award

Tasmanian Women in Agriculture Encouragement Award winner: Louise Morris

​​Researcher and producer Louise Morris, from Derby, has established Australia's first farm focussed on producing insects for human consumption. 

​A farmer and food producer, Louise uses waste streams as the feedstock for her micro-herds.

​Tasmanian Women in Agriculture Development Awards winners: 
Celia Leverton and Robyn Eversole

Celia Leverton, Development Award

Celia Leverton
Development Award

Robyn Eversole, Development Award

Robyn Eversole,
Development Award

Celia Leverton​, from Franklin , is committed to encouraging and and enabling a resilient,


profitable farming industry to regenerate the land while producing food and fibre. Celia aspires to increase and maintain the uptake of regenerative farming practices now and for future generations.

Robyn Eversole, from Natone, is a researcher and author ​dedicated to helping people in in rural regions. Robyn's goal is to bring the global knowledge resources of universities to regional communities to empower local ​people to create the futures they want.

​​​Previous​ winners 

2​​019 Tas​​manian​​ AgriFut​ures Rural Women's Award winner:  Anh Nguyen

(L to R): Anita Long; Anh Nguyen; Hon Guy Barnett MP; Sarah Cole; and Ashleigh Reynolds.


Anh’s project aims to roll out a smart farming system using automatic controls and management retrofitted to current farming irrigation and control systems. This will free up labour, optimise resources and maximise productivity.

Encouragement Award winner:  Anita Long​
​​Anita’s vision is to create a strong Australian connected youth beekeeping network and help others develop similar programs nationwide.
Development Award winner:  Sarah Cole​​
​​Sarah’s project aims to explore and understand the challenges facing a growing pasture seed industry in Tasmania.

2​018 Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural Women's Award winner:​​  Allison Clark​​

(L to R): Winners: Katherine Reed; Allison Clark; and Ana Pimenta

​​Allison’s project aims to understand how farming business/ agribusiness taps into available research or networks, in addition to understanding the barriers to integrating this information into decision making processes.  These learnings can help provide better design, development and commercialisation tools in the early stages of development, to limit risk of failure.​
Encouragement Award winner:  Katherine Reed​
Katherine’s project aims to bring rural women with disabilities together, allowing them to address their issues in a peer-supported, grass roots environment.​

​Development Award winner:  Ana Pimenta​​
​Ana’s project aims to develop and deliver a program that would increase the financial literacy of farming businesses on King Island.​

​201​​7 Tasm​anian Rural Woman of the Year winner:  Rebecca Lynd

Rural Women's award 2017 winner
Photo: Rebecca Williams

Rebecca’s project involves a study tour to the USA to research a selection of best practice small-scale, on-farm cattle slaughter facilities. This will involve meeting with farmers, business operators, slaughtermen and butchers to gain an understanding of the contemporary issues and practices associated with small-scale, independently owned and/or community supported slaughter facilities with a major focus on animal welfare, WH&S/ risk management, compliance with regulations, energy use, waste management and consumer needs.

Encouragement Award winner:  ​Heather Cosgriff
Heather’s project aims to establish a central trial site, or 'in-field learning centre' for the Tasmanian pasture seed industry. The project would involve replicated small plot trials. Trials will test current standard vs potential new inputs and crop management ideas for annual and perennial ryegrass including 'ground truth' crop input strategies, such as Plant Growth Regulator regimes, nitrogen fertiliser timing and lock up date for Tasmanian conditions. Experienced seed production agronomists would be engaged to aid in trial design and agronomy management. The site and information generated from it would be available to all seed industry members to be used as a growth stage training centre, for field walks and industry days.

2016 ​​Tasmanian Rural Woman of the Year winner:  Rebecca Duffy

(L to R) Annette Reed; Sally Murfet; Heather Stacy; and Rebecca Duffy; with the Minister for Primary Industries and Water, Jeremy Rockliff MP

​Rebecca intends to visit cellar doors and wineries in the Napa Valley in the USA and Cape Town in South Africa as these two regions are regarded as the most successful wine tourism regions in the world.  She will also consult with Australian wineries who have implemented innovative ideas at their cellar doors, to gauge an idea of what they have found to be successful or unsuccessful. Upon return, Rebecca intends to share her knowledge with other wineries and recommend opportunities for other cellar doors in the Tamar valley to create one of the best wine tourism routes in the world.  She will also present her findings from the study tour at a Wine Tasmania event in order to share her experiences with the entire Tasmanian wine industry.
En​couragement Award winner:  Sally Murfet
Sally’s project involves a study tour to visit education and workforce development specialists in Queensland and New Zealand to gain an insight into how they are attracting the next generation to work or study in the agricultural industry.​


Rural Women's Award Coordinator
Sue Weedon
PO Box 46
Phone: 03 6777 2233

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