Farm Hygiene Program for Berry Growers

On 26 May 2017, the Minister announced funding for a Farm Hygiene Program for berry growers. $65 000 has been provided to Fruit Growers Tasmania (FGT) to administer this program. The funding comprises $63 000 for a small grants program for berry growers so they can implement Farm Hygiene initiatives within their businesses and $2 000 for FGT to cover administration costs.

The aim of the small grant program is to assist eligible berry growers to: 

  • adapt their operations and protect their farms from a range of potential pests and diseases; 
  • manage for market access and/or any market certification schemes; and 
  • maintain and grow their business.
Eligible expenditure includes reimbursement of costs up to a maximum of $1 000 per business, including (but not limited to):
  • Equipment purchases to support on-farm biosecurity measures
  • ChemCert Chemical Accreditation
  • Permeable covers, temperature and pH probes

Should they voluntarily elect to do so, individual eligible growers can collaborate to pool their grant funds to support change in practices or regional level initiatives, noting that expenditure is capped at a maximum of $1 000 per eligible business.

The initial focus is on supporting blueberry growers. AgriGrowth will work with FGT and the broader industry to see if this model should be extended to other sectors in the future.

For further details on eligibility and how to apply contact Fruit Growers Tasmania.


Fruit Growers Tasmania
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Phone: 03 6169 2059

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