Wild Fallow Deer Management Plan Project

​​​​The Department has commenced a project to prepare a Wild Fallow Deer Management Plan.

The Plan will capture current accepted management practices, existing government policy and commitments relevant to deer management, including the Government's response to the 2017 Legislative Council inquiry, as well as articulating additional strategies and actions.

The plan will also consider the outcomes of the recently completed baseline aerial survey of the wild fallow deer population.
The Plan will function as a single point of reference for wild fallow deer management in Tasmania.


Key issues

Some of the key issues to be addressed in the plan include:
  • Supporting recreational deer hunting
  • Management of wild deer impacts on private or primary production land
  • Management of wild deer impacts on natural and cultural values
  • Management of satellite wild deer populations and in areas currently free from wild fallow deer
The plan will be developed on the basis of wild fallow deer remaining a partly protected species under the Wildlife Regulations.


Have your say

Stakeholder and public input to the plan is critical to the success of the management plan. There are two components to public consultation for the plan. 

  • ​Public information sessions where there will be an opportunity to provide the project team with feedback on the key issues for deer management in Tasmania. In addition, the Department welcomes any written feedback you may wish to provide for
    consideration in the drafting of the plan.

  • The release of a draft plan for a public comment period, expected to be in early 2021. Further public information sessions will be held during this time.


Public information sessions

These have now been completed and were held at the following venues:

Bothwell - 23 November
Bothwell Football Club Rooms, Bothwell Football Ground

Longford - 24 November
Riverlands Centre, 159 Wellington Street, Longford

Ulverstone - 25 November
Ulverstone Sports and Leisure Centre, Flora Street, West Ulverstone

Brighton - 26 November
Brighton Civic Centre, 25 Green Point Rd, Bridgewater

The project team wishes to thanks all those who attended, the sessions have provided important feedback for consideration in the preparation of the draft management plan.




Written feedback

Written feedback is welcome and can be sent to the email address below. While feedback is welcome at any time, for feedback to be considered in the draft plan it should be provided by 11 December 2020. Please be aware that while it is not intended to publish written feedback there may be a requirement to do so under some processes that may apply to correspondence to the Department.


Further information

Updates and further information will be provided as the project progresses.

For more information on the project please contact:

Project Manager
Wild Fallow Deer Management Plan Project


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