Wild Fallow Deer Census

​​​Currently the abundance and distribution of wild fallow deer is not fully understood. Estimates of relative abundance and distribution across the state are largely based on anecdotal evidence. 

Since the 1930s a range of methods have been used to estimate wildlife populations in Australia, including deer.  These methods include, but are not limited to drive and walk transect counts, faecal pellet group counts, track counts, aerial surveys, spotlight surveys and thermal imagery surveys.  ​

​The Government has committed to:

  • Undertaking a comprehensive state-wide census of wild fallow deer in Tasmania
  • Working with the University of Tasmanian and other stakeholders to develop appropriate survey methodologies

  • Using the census outputs to inform Quality Deer Management strategies and current wildlife monitoring programs

  • Working with research partners on a project that will assess the distribution and numbers of wild fallow deer in parts of the TWWHA. This project will complement the state-wide census

  • Using information from the state-wide population census and other population surveys used to inform deer management strategies across the Tasmanian landscape 

An aerial survey will complement camera trapping and citizen science methodologies, which will be combined to estimate the abundance of wild fallow deer in Tasmania. ​


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