Interstate and International Seasonal Workers

​​​​​​​​​Tasmanian agricultural businesses can source seasonal workers from some areas interstate.

This process depends on whether the workers have spent time in a low, medium or high-risk area before arriving. Visit Coming to Tasmania​ for the current list of low, medium and high-risk areas.​

Seasonal work​​​ers from low-risk areas

Workers who have only spent time in a low-risk area in the 14 days before arriving in Tasmania can register to travel through the new Tas e-Travel system, and will not be required to quarantine when they arrive.

Employers can complete this registration on behalf of the workers they are recruiting by filling in a Tas e-Travel bulk upload form:

  Tas e-Travel bulk upload template   (78Kb)

​Email the completed form and nominate a contact person from the travel party (including their email and phone number) to

Seasonal ​workers from medium-risk areas

​For workers who have spent time in a medium-risk area in the 14 days before arriving in Tasmania, employers will need to apply under the current G2G seasonal worker exemption process. 

Please fill in the G2G Pass Bulk Upload Form:

  G2G Bulk Upload Form   (128Kb)​

An employer application check list has been developed to help ensure all information and supporting documents required are included for applications to be processed without delay.

  Seasonal Agricultural Workers - Employer Application Checklist   (90Kb)​

Email the completed form and information to​​. For more information about this, please contact the FarmPoint Hotline on 1300 292 292.

Seaso​​​​​nal workers ​​from high-risk areas​

Workers who have spent time in a high-risk area in the 14 days before arriving in Tasmania will need to seek approval to enter the state before they arrive. The best way of doing this is to apply online for an individual G2G PASS. 

​If approved they will be required to quarantine in a government-designated accommodation facility for 14 days.

For more information please visit the Coronavirus website.

International seasonal workers​​

Tasmanian agricultural businesses who are Approved Employers under the Australian Government’s Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) and Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) can request permission from the Australian Government to source experienced seasonal workers from overseas locations to supplement the local workforce in critical harvest roles. 

​If approved by the Australian Government, approval from Tasmania's Deputy State Controller is also required. These recruited workers may arrive in Australia from overseas and transit directly via an interstate airport to Hobart to complete 14 days in government-designated accommodation.

If you are not an Approved Employer, consider approaching a labour hire company which has been approved.

The number of workers able to enter will be subject to Tasmania's government quarantine capacity.

  International Seasonal Workers - Eligi​bility Factsheet   (52Kb)

  International Seasonal Workers - Employer Application Checklist   (51Kb)​

For more information and to make an application, email ​or call the FarmPoint Hotline on 1300 292 292.

Intern​a​​tional seasonal workers - Quarantine fee reimbursement

Department of Communities Tasmania (DoC) will issue reimbursement invoices to each seasonal worker’s Approved Employer as specified through the International Seasonal Workers application process (see above). Approved Employers are eligible to seek a reimbursement from the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) for any payments made to DoC under this arrangement.

For the Approved Employer seeking reimbursement, the following process applies:
  • ​send a correctly rendered tax invoice to​ with Seasonal Worker Reimbursement clearly identified in the header. Each invoice may relate to one or more seasonal worker’s quarantine costs

  • each invoice must have nil GST (quarantine fees are exempt from GST)

  • the name of each seasonal worker, or each DoC invoice number, for which a reimbursement is being sought must be clearly identified on the invoice

  • additional information to support the claim may also be provided (optional).
DPIPWE will promptly assess and process payments for each invoice received which complies with the above requirements.
Through the process there may be a need to clarify or request further supporting documentation. DPIPWE can only process a reimbursement if the Approved Employer has made the corresponding payment to DoC. 

Please contact Alison Lonergan at for any queries relating to the reimbursement process.
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