AgriGrowth Tasmania

The AgriGrowth Tasmania division was established in 2014 to deliver Government's AgriVision 2050 and its Cultivating Prosperity in Agriculture (CPIA) projects, policies and initiatives.  AgriVision 2050 aims to increase the farm gate value of agricultural production to $10 billion per annum by 2050.

Tasmania's Sustainable AgriFood Plan articulates the framework for Government to partner with the private sector to determine future priorities, formulate appropriate policy, and make decisions about what needs to be done and by whom, to sustainably grow the agriculture and food sectors.


AgriGrowth Tasmania comprises three branches:

  • Agricultural Development and Policy Branch: oversees implementation of the agricultural policy and industry development components of the AgriFood Plan to cultivate prosperity in Tasmania’s primary industries.
  • Regulated Crops Branch: regulates and licences poppy and industrial hemp production and the operational management of GM canola trial sites, in line with Tasmania’s genetically modified organisms (GMO)-free status. The RCB incorporates the Poppy Advisory Control Board (PACB), a statutory body established under the Poisons Act 1971.
  • Game Services Tasmania Branch: was formed in March 2018 and has responsibility for supporting landholders, farmers and hunters to effectively manage issues relating to game and browsing animals in Tasmania.  The Branch also provides Secretariat support to the Tasmanian Game Council.



AgriGrowth Tasmania
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