Volunteer Information and Training - COVID-19

​​​Important COVID-19 advice for DPIPWE Volunteers

All DPIPWE volunteer programs must comply with the DPIPWE COVID-19 Safe Plan, including ensuring appropriate control measures are in place. To find out more about the Tasmanian Government's Safe Workplaces Framework, refer to the WorkSafe Tasmania website.

Community Volunteer Groups

For Community Volunteer Groups, including "Friends Of" groups, please ensure that you have contacted your DPIPWE Representative to seek relevant approvals before returning to volunteering activities.  All DPIPWE volunteer programs are subject to a COVID-19 Activity Risk Assessment (ARA) with appropriate control measures in place.  

Volunteer Team Leaders are asked to work with us to ensure programs meet the necessary requirements:

  • Collaborate with us to develop an updated​ and approved 'DPIPWE Volunteer Program Plan' to support participation;
  • Complete volunteer attendance records for each activity and return the completed attendance sheet to:  ​volunteering@dpipwe.tas.gov.au.  Please note, attendance records are critical to support contact tracing (if required); and 
  • Ensure that any group member who wishes to participate as a DPIPWE volunteer, has registered and undertaken the mandatory COVID-19 training prior to participation.
Please contact your DPIPWE Representative to access relevant volunteer forms.

Vulnerable Volunteer Workers

In accordance with Public Health advice, some individuals are at greater risk of more serious illness, including death, if they contract Coronavirus. 

Those considered to be vulnerable volunteer workers are:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, 50 years and older with one ore more chronic medical conditions;
  • People 65 years and older with one or more chronic medical conditions
  • People 70 years and older; and
  • People with compromised immune systems.

At present, the risk of exposure to Coronavirus in Tasmania, is currently low.  Therefore, even workers at higher risk of more severe disease, may be able to return to work and volunteering if appropriate controls are in place.

Any volunteers who have concerns regarding their risk of exposure to COVID-19, are encouraged to discuss their personal circumstances with their medical practioner and develop an individual COVID-19 Action Plan. 

A COVID-19 Action Plan provides guidance to help keep you safe during daily life activities, including work and volunteering. The COVID-19 Action Plan template, is available here.

Consult with us

Where a COVID-19 Action Plan has been developed, please ensure that firstly, you review whether your volunteer participation is supported in accordance with the medical advice received.  Secondly, ensure that any control measures are discussed with your DPIPWE Representative, so that the Department can reasonably manage the risk to you of contracting Coronavirus.

It is important that all workers manage their own health and safety, and that of others by being vigiliant, adhering to any updated advice and by taking immedicate preventative steps should the situation change.  
We reserve the right to amend volunteer programs and participation in accordance with any updated Public Health advice and/or any individual COVID-19 Action Plans.

COVID-19 training and information for DPIPWE Volunteers

In order to welcome volunteers back safely, ALL volunteers are required to complete mandatory COVID-19 training and information, including:

  1. ​Review and understand the DPIPWE COVID-19 Safe Plan

  2. Review the Volunteer COVID-19 Training Information pack 
      COVID-19 Volunteer Training   (343Kb)  

  3. When you register online to become a volunteer with DPIPWE, confirm that you have completed the COVID-19 training.

Key contacts

For further information, or queries relating to program reinstatement, you are encouraged to contact your DPIPWE Representaive directly.  

You can also contact the Department by emailing: volunteering@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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