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To register as a volunteer with DPIPWE, please select the relevant application form from the list below:

Please be advised that The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is currently fully subscribed and is not accepting new volunteer registrations.

New members of authorised Community Volunteering Groups such as Wildcare, Landcare, sporting clubs and historical preservation societies, should select the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Serive & Natural and Cutlural Heritage Division in order to register as a volunteer with DPIPWE.

How to get involved

Once you have registered, in order to participate as an active volunteer, you must either belong to an authorised Community Volunteer Group, or have been offered a volunteering role directly by the Department.  

The registration process (above) is open to the general public to allow prospective volunteers to sign up to join our mailing list in order to be informed about new volunteering opportunities.  

Community volunteer groups must have an authorised Volunteer Program Plan in place in order to volunteer with DPIPWE.   To find out more, contact your local Parks and Wildlife Field Office, DPIPWE Representative, or email volunteering@dpipwe.tas.gov.au. 

To find current volunteering opportunities

Visit the 'Get Involved' page on our website, or alternatively you might like to join a community volunteer group through Wildcare Tasmania or Landcare Tasmania. 

For general inquiries contact volunteering@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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