Routine Disclosures


Right to Information Disclosure Log​Right to Information disclosures released
Annual Report​DPIPWE Annual Report
Whole of Agency Information
​Gift and benefits reporting, expenditure reporting

EPA Tasmania

Monitoring Air Pollution​Information on the air quality monitoring activates, stations and data collected by EPA
Corporate Publications​
​EPA Annual Report and newsletters
Management of Planned Burning​Management of planned burning and annual smoke complaint reports
Real Time Air Quality Data for Tasmania​Interactive map presents the most recently available (real-time) indicative particle concentration data

Parks and Wildlife Service

Visitor Research and Statistics​Visitor statistics for Tasmania's national parks and reserves
Management Plans, Site Plans and Other Publications ​List of statutory and non-statutory management plans, site plans, walking track management strategies, evaluation reports
​State of the TWWHA ReportingEvaluating management effectiveness for the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area
Crown Land for Sale​Information relating to Crown Land for sale

Office of Racing Integrity

Racing Stewards Reports Steward race reports for harness racing
Racing Stewards ​Reports
Steward race reports for thoroughbred racing
Racing Stewards ReportsSteward race reports for greyhound racing
Notice of Disqualifications, Warned Off and Forfeits/Defaulters List​Regularly updated list of restricted persons
Stewards Inquiries Decisions​
List of current and completed inquiries and outcomes
Bleeders and Suspensions Lists of thoroughbred bleeders and suspensions

Natural & Cultural Heritage

Nature Conservation Reports​Reports of various surveys, assessments and research
Tasmanian Heritage Council Annual Report​Statistics on Tasmanian historic heritage
Wildlife spotlight SummaryReport published annually on wildlife spotlight surveys
Statistical and Other Information
​Statistical and ​other information relating to wildlife management

Biosecurity Tasmania

Tasmanian Biosecurity Advisories Public information notices on biosecurity issues
Veterinary Board of TasmaniaAnnual Report & bi-annual newsletters
Release of Rabbit CalicivirusLink to Rabbitscan website with distribution data

AgriGrowth Tasmania

Agricultural Facts and Figures​Facts and figures
Field mapped land capability maps​Land capability maps and reports
​Wildlife Management - Wildlife Exports
​​Annual reports on previous year's activities and quota reports for following year of wildlife exports

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority
​Annual report

Water and Marine Resources

Water Information Tasmania Web Portal​Water Information Tasmania Web Portal - Various reporting and data on Tasmania’s freshwater resources
Freshwater data​Freshwater data – river flows and lake levels
Groundwater Information Access Portal
​Groundwater information
State of Rivers Report​State of Rivers Report
Environmental Flow Assessments Reports​Environmental flow assessments
Recreational Sea Fishing Seasons​Recreational sea fishing seasonal information
Sea Fishing Area Restrictions​Sea fishing area restrictions
Commercial Sea Fishing Statistics​Commercial sea fishing seasons and catch statistics

Land Tasmania

The List​Land Information System Tasmania – Access to LISTMap, land titles and various spatial information reporting and data
Statistical and Other Information
​Statistical and other information relating to Land Tasmania

Inland Fisheries

IFS Stocking Database​
Inland Fisheries Service Trout Stocking Database
Performance Assessment ReportsInland Fisheries Fishery Performance Assessment reports
Inland Fisheries Anglers Reports​Inland Fisheries quarterly reports to anglers

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