DPIPWE Gender Equality Action Plan

Our Executive Committee has endorsed the DPIPWE Gender Equality Action Plan.  The plan has been largely developed through extensive consultation and direct input from our employees. This document sets out an action plan that focuses on a range of practical solutions and key action areas to improve gender equality in the Department. 

The Action Plan is about identifying and removing the actual and potential barriers that are an obstacle to gender equality in our workplace. It is recognised across the State Service (and more broadly) that we need to increase the number of women in senior roles. A diverse and inclusive workplace is important not just for reasons of equity and fairness, but also for improving organisational performance. However, the plan is clear not just about this and aims for DPIPWE to become a more inclusive workplace where regardless of gender, our employees are valued, respected, supported and have access to the same opportunities and resources.


The Plan is available for download:

  DPIPWE Gender Equality Action Plan   (848Kb)







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