Reminder to register your travel through Tas e-Travel

​​​The Tas e-​Travel system has been updated to speed up the registering process by allowing people to create an account and easily register their travel and contact details each time they travel to Tasmania. 

Travellers to Tasmania, including returning residents, need to provide their contact and travel details before entering the State, to help manage the risk of COVID-19 at Tasmania’s borders.

All travellers are asked to provide an email and password to create an account. This account allows travellers to log in to the system and can be re-used each time a traveller intends to travel.

Information provided through Tas e-Travel is used to contact travellers with important COVID-19 related updates and public health information, such as changes to Tasmania’s border entry or quarantine requirements. 

People can complete a manual form upon arrival in Tasmania if required. This is necessary for those people who do not have an email address in order to create a Tas e-Travel account.

Tasmania’s border entry conditions depend on where each traveller has spent time prior to their day of arrival. Areas are assessed as either low, medium or high-risk based on Public Health advice.

High-risk areas can require either quarantine in a government-designated facility (level 1) or a suitable premise (level 2).

Travellers who have only spent time in low-risk areas in the 14 days before arriving in Tasmania are asked to register through the Tas e-Travel system.

The Tasmanian Government Coronavirus website has further information about Coming to Tasmania and the Tas e-Travel system. 

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